About Us

Founded in 1989, TXT e-solutions is a international software products and solutions vendor, leader in “Strategic Enterprise Solutions”.
The company has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange – STAR segment (TXT.MI) - since July 2000 and has more than 500 employees. Consolidated 2013 revenues are € 52.6 million.
TXT is based in Milan and has branches in Italy, Paris (F), Lyon (F), Wynyard (UK), Leicester (UK), Chemnitz (D), Halle (D), Barcelona (E), Toronto (CDN) and Sydney (AUS).
TXT is specialized in the most dynamic and agile markets with the highest degree of innovation and renewal that require state-of-the art solutions, where process and business play a fundamental role in growth and competiveness. To answer to customer’s needs TXT has always invested in technology and in business processes innovation, making this a cornerstone on which to build its success. Research and Development therefore holds a primary role in TXT; in 2013, as much as 9.1% of revenues had been spent on R&D to benefit all the business lines grouped in two business areas, based on operating compatibility and technological synergy:
  • TXT PERFORM: End-to-end solutions for Fashion, Retail, Consumer Goods and Manufacturing sectors; 
  • TXT NEXT: advanced Software Engineering Services for companies in the Aerospace, Automotive, High-Tech and Banking sectors.