TXT’s Corporate Governance structure is inspired by the recommendations and rules laid down in the Italian Stock Exchange Self-Discipline Code and also with international best practices.
In general, the Company's Corporate Governance system is based on the central objective of  a fair and transparent company information system and value creation for shareholders in virtue of  an effective and efficient business process.
TXT issues an annual Corporate Governance Report that provides information on the Company’s evolution and the ways and means underlying its operations.
​SDIR-NIS regulated information service provider
SDIR-NIS TXT e-solutions Spa uses for SDIR-NIS, run by BIt Market Services Spa, a London Stock Exchange Group company, headquartered in Milan, Piazza degli Affari 6.

SDIR-NIS TXT e-solutions Spa joined the system 1INFO ( run by Computershare Spa (, headquartered in Milan, Via Mascheroni n. 19
Paolo Matarazzo
Chief Financial Officer