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TXT Integrated Retail Planning

Retail is a very competitive industry that depends on long and collaborative processes being done well and a huge amount of numbers and variables being analyzed to make the right decisions. In this scenario, the missing piece for many retail organizations has often been the ability to integrate different « islands of planning » integrating data and processes whilst supporting decision with advanced analysis and simulation.

TXT helps global retailers succeed in today’s dynamic and multichannel retail environment, providing powerful Integrated Retail Planning in one solution.

Integration spans across channels, products, functions, time horizons, and all critical Retail processes: from sales planning across channels, merchandise and assortment planning, down to forecasting, initial allocation, replenishment and markdown planning.

HOW: the solution is modular and can be implemented in steps delivering benefits along the implementation process. Advanced analytics are available within the solution so users can concurrently plan, carry out what-if scenarios, and ultimately have a clear understanding of the implications of each decision on both operational and financial KPIs. Too often, sales channels and processes are managed as silos, competing and cannibalizing each other instead of being complementary. TXT's Integrated Retail Planning solution provides greater alignment of strategic targets and operational plans. The result is a localized consumer experience at every point of interaction, higher product availability and sell-through, faster inventory turns and reduced mark downs. 

TXT Integrated Retail Planning fully leverages Microsoft technology: The Excel based user interface (UI) ensures that all teams feel at ease using the solution from day one. The embedded workflow management helps collaboration and orchestration at all levels. Data and processes are centralized ensuring accuracy of information and cross-fertilization of best practices.  

TXT Integrated Retail Planning Delivers:

Multi-Channel Sales & Merchandise Planning: "What-if" scenarios are supported with multiple Regions, Countries, Brands and Channels. Sales Plans are defined at store level, consistently with financial targets. Stores can be clustered according to critical constraints such as sales, space and density data at any level.

Forecasting: Combines specific algorithms, attribute based forecasting and the extensive use of patterns. It delivers all of the capabilities to accurately forecast continuative products, as well as new products based on attribute-based analysis of items with similar traits.

Assortment Planning: Multiple factors such as seasonal targets, stock rotation, complementary products, financial targets, are analysed to define the best product mix to meet demand. The Visual Planning capabilities allow associate images to a style or component, navigate the collection, plan and analyze by images thus bringing the user experience to new levels of intuitiveness.

Allocation: Ensures that the right products are sent to the appropriate stores pre-season reducing the need for time consuming and costly transfers. Store mappings can be included in each of the allocations, to ensure new or renovated stores are appropriately covered in the allocations.

In-season Planning & Replenishment: The analysis of critical KPIs such as sell-out and sell-through drives the best replenishment scenarios. Plans are dynamically updated in line with demand fluctuations for maximum responsiveness and optimized service levels.
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