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Need to speed up collection development but fragmented information and chaotic workflows are causing delays? Exchanging spreadsheets with global suppliers generates misunderstandings around the product? Merchandise Planning and the creative perspectives are reconciled too late in the process producing a lot of rework, sampling proliferation and ultimately high product development costs? 

With TXT PLM Fashion & Retail companies align all stakeholders from Merchandisers to Designers, Product Managers, Developers, Buyers and Suppliers behind the same perception of the line, products, materials, calendars, business and strategic goals.

Its unique value sits in the ability to extend core PLM capabilities such as Creative design, Collection Development and Costing not only to Supplier collaboration and Sourcing but seamlessly to Merchandise Planning.

One unified view from design to rack, faster decision making and slashed concept to cash cycles are among the benefits our customers have achieved.

HOW: One single web environment allows integrating all PLM requirements under one roof. Integrated Merchandise Planning and Collection Development mean that designers can benefit from real tangible insights of the company business targets right from the earliest stages which ultimately results in more balanced and profitable collections.

The solution reduces non value added activities and reworking, as well as generates efficient supplier relationships which together optimize product development times and costs.
Workflow and performance management along the end to end process allow for precise collection development tracking against both calendars and financial targets.

TXT’s PLM solution is Microsoft based. The Web and Share-Point user interface provide a level of intuitiveness not seen before in any solution: multilevel web navigation, graphical and analytical views, data access via search and shortcuts, integration with standard Microsoft tools such as Excel and PowerPoint, as well as design tools like Adobe Illustrator.

TXT PLM Delivers:

Collection Planning: Effective merchandise planning becomes an input to design briefings and decisions around the best collection structure to meet company targets. The sharing with designers of business objectives (margins and costs), as well as market insights (such as best & slow sellers by attributes) result in more balanced collections, aligned with strategic and commercial goals.

Collection Creation and Development: Designers and product managers can collaborate on new concepts and simplify market trends research with the convergence of mobile applications; storyboards and collections can be designed intuitively with familiar tools while responding promptly to evolving consumer preferences in the midst of fast innovation.

Product & Material Data Management: Everyone involved in the development phases of the collection can define central specifications faster using libraries and standard templates, access a common set of data which is kept up to date and provides one version of the truth while avoiding re-keying and duplications.

Sourcing & Collaboration: Global suppliers can access all critical information, securely and simply via the web. No time for data transfer, no misunderstandings, faster turnaround time. Quote requests and on-line negotiation capabilities help to select the best partner for your activity.

Workflow & Tracking: All users view their priorities and tasks, and track development status leveraging the embedded collection calendar workflow; possible delays and bottlenecks are immediately identified ensuring strong reactivity to the process as a whole.
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