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Have you taken some steps in S&OP already but don’t know how to move to the next maturity level? Are you struggling to determine the impact S&OP has on your bottom line? Would like to include Financial Planning? Or, quite simply, are you about to start the S&OP journey?

Whatever your currentl level of maturity is; from the early stages, up to the most sophisticated Integrated Business Planning (IBP) approach, TXT can support your end-to-end S&OP requirements, grow with the process and with your Business.

With TXT S&OP, business plans translate into the most profitable supply and demand views; S&OP decisions are completely aligned with the financial perspective.


HOW: What is so unique about the TXT S&OP solution is its ability to combine leading edge S&OP functionality with Analytics all in one system. Users can plan their demand, supplies, financials and concurrently analyze the results of their planning at all levels of the chain, exploring cause-effects by means of correlated business and operational metrics.

Advanced 'what-if' functionality allows planners to run multiple simulations, compare scenarios, identify where risks and opportunities sit, to take consistent fact based decisions along the process.

TXT S&OP takes full advantage of the Microsoft stack. As the UI is Excel, users will work in the environment they are most familiar with while leveraging the power of a full S&OP application. The embedded workflow management system streamlines the S&OP process, supporting users across every step and at any level.

TXT S&OP Delivers:

Pre-S&OP Financial: S&OP is fast evolving beyond the operational realm to become a truly strategic process that generates real value for the organization and the CFO. With TXT, Sales Budgets and Financial Planning are translated into demand and supply views ensuring complete coherence with the business objectives. Financial what-if and profit & loss calculations help assessing the real trade-offs of each decision.

Pre-S&OP Demand: Collaborative Demand Planning: From statististical estimates to the Marketing brand profitability view and Sales account perspectives different forecasts are reconciled; users can work by exception and agree on one number.

Pre-S&OP Supply: Demand is translated into supply, distribution and inventory plans: Through advanced what-if, users identify constraints and capacity opportunities and best alternatives for matching demand based on business drivers.

Executive S&OP: at this stage all the pre-S&OP meeting work comes together. All functions review alternative scenarios and converge toward a consensus plan. From an Executive perspective value is key; the business impact of every decision can be analyzed. The integrated KPI framework enables the plan to be kept live and therefore almost self-correcting with a focus on profitability and margins.

To meet the challenges of complex manufacturing processes with many steps, many players and high product complexity, TXT S&OP capabilities extend to manufacturing planning, scheduling and plant execution control.

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