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Customers’ demand for increased agility, price pressures, and the trend towards globalization mean new challenges to companies. In such a complex scenario, developing a responsive partner base, establishing a common frame to enable communication and committing to a strategic relationship with partners is absolutely crucial. Forward thinking companies are well aware of this and work to leverage the enormous potential that lies in Supply Chain Collaboration.

With TXT, organizations are able to manage all aspects of Supply Chain Collaboration in one single web environment: sourcing and contract negotiation, procurement and order management, logistics and quality control including event and performance management.

As such the supply ecosystem evolves to achieve win-win relationships and joint value.


Why do global leaders choose TXT Supply Chain Collaboration?

  The TXT Supply Chain Collaboration solution, based on the TXTCHAIN platform, allows a company and its Business Partners acting as a single enterprise, enabling visibility and one version of the truth across the chain
Organizations can negotiate volumes and deadlines as well as the contractual aspects of suppliers and subcontractors relationships. Partners' performances can be measured based on KPIs
Downstream, TXTChain provides subcontractors, suppliers and logistics service providers with a complete overview of their respective orders. They can monitor progress by setting up automatic updates on order status, issue notifications and exchange messages and documents
The event management functionality highlights issues in critical processes and enables timely corrective action, whilst the workflow management capabilities manage internal and external processes involving partners

TXTChain Delivers:

Production Collaboration: Globalization is forcing companies to rely ever more on their subcontractors anywhere in the world. With TXT, organizations manage accurate order processing, including order confirmation, progress monitoring and raw material purchasing. Production is supervised by way of notifications that can be defined in a flexible way.

Delivery Management: Electronic booking of freights and complete packing lists are issued based on the results of production process. Customers keep accurate track of carton contents and container utilization. Barcode labels or even RFID speed up the warehousing processes.

Logistic Collaboration: Global logistics processes from factory to distribution centers can be managed. Dedicated access rights and workflows can be assigned to 3PLs; land, sea and air shipment is supported. Free configurable milestones and the Product Tracking System guarantee full process control.

Inventory Collaboration: Real-time information on current inventory along the supply chain allows more informed decisions about purchase orders and inward/outward warehousing, helping reduce the bullwhip effect across the network. Quality classes can be taken into account for accurate inventory management.

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