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The need is clear - Understand the Customer, and deliver precisely to her requirements, that’s the goal for any retailer. Online or in store, from a fulfillment center, or direct from the vendor, through wholesale or franchise, around the corner or around the world, what does it take? Precision Merchandising requires an organized set of processes to all come together seamlessly, from developing merchandising concepts and financial plans, determining assortments, delivering to stores and DC’s, replenishing, repricing and promoting, and at end, clearing the last unit of an item to replace it with newest fashion trend. The traditional approach? Implementing and maintaining an extensive array of systems modifying internal business processes to fit the system designs, and training teams of specialists to operate the software.
At TXT, we call this approach “dated”.

TXT has designed and delivered TXT Retail Planning: a single platform-based solution that covers the entire spectrum of activities required to plan and manage merchandise through every stage of its lifecycle.

With one solution, one technology, one UI, one (simple) learning curve, but covering all the business processes, TXT creates a singular success.

Why do global retailers choose TXT Retail Planning?

  The solution provides the unique ability to support end-to-end retail planning, from strategy through final delivery to the customer. Being modular it can be implemented in stages delivering benefits at every phase.
Advanced analytics are available within the solution so users can concurrently plan, carry out what-if scenarios, and have a clear understanding of the implications of each decision on both operational and financial KPIs.
Familiar Microsoft technology using Excel as the UI container ensures that all teams feel at ease and are productive with the solution from day one. Embedded workflow management allows orchestration at all levels.

TXT Retail Planning Delivers:

Multi-Channel Sales Budgeting: Strategic and more tactical business objectives are set that drive Sales, Margin and Inventory Investment Plans. Model your business across each potential distribution channel, including own stores, online, catalog, franchise and wholesale

Merchandise & Multichannel Planning: “What-if" scenarios are supported with multiple Regions, Countries, Brands and Channels. Plans are defined at the appropriate product level to ensure the right financial outcomes. Inventory investment goals drive out receipts based on the factors that are important to your business

Assortment Planning: Compelling assortments can be created both numerically and visually. Marry customer demographics with product attributes to create effective localized assortments. Plan your product through the driving factors that make sense to your business this season. Select the appropriate time horizons and balance those delivery windows back to your financial objectives

Allocation, Replenishment and Promotions: Realign your assortment plans based on up to date delivery quantities and the most recent trends in store, or balance inventory between fulfillment centers and DC’s. Manage the service levels of products in store through automated replenishment techniques, all flowing seamlessly from your merchandise and assortment plans

Demand Forecasting: Continuing the use of our effective single UI, our forecasting capabilities combine powerful algorithms, attribute based forecasting and the extensive use of lifecycle patterns. Whether you want to use forecasting to drive out replenishments, or model a revised OTB, you will find the techniques available combined with data management functions such as “like/replacement” product that quickly drive the accurate projections you need to successfully manage inventory investment

In-season Management: The analysis of critical KPIs such as sell-out and sell-through allows plans to be dynamically updated in line with demand fluctuations for maximum responsiveness and optimized service levels

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