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Our customers are leaders in their respective fields who seek to optimize key aspects of their business processes with innovative software tools and technologies - browse the case studies below to meet some of them.

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Introducing Pacelab FPO to the A350 fleet

Finnair is continuously taking measures to further improve fuel efficiency by optimizing their operational practices. Learn why they chose Pacelab FPO to optimize vertical flight profiles during flight, how the software leverages the advanced connectivity provided by their A350 aircraft and how the pilots have taken to their new decision aid in the March 2019 edition of Aircraft IT Journal.

Lufthansa German Airlines

Fuel efficiency takes flight

Fuel efficiency remains a central field of action for the Lufthansa Group. Read how real-time EFB application Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer helps to establish an active fuel management on board the Lufthansa German Airlines fleet enabling flight crews to make better operational decisions.

Topics: Fuel efficiency, flight profile optimization

Product: Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer

Airbus A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre

Inspiring customers along their needs

The A350 XWB Customer Definition Centre (CDC) enables Airbus customers to see, feel, test and compare the entire spectrum of the cabin offering. Read how the A350 XWB Configurator software supports the selection and visualization of cabin configurations and product options.

Topics: Product configuration, aircraft marketing, customer engineering

Product: Custom solution building on Pacelab Cabin

Etihad Airways

Planning for growth

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the U.A.E., commenced operations in 2003 and has since become one of the world’s fastest growing airlines. Read how aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin provides decision-making support for the carrier’s aircraft acquisition and refurbishment projects.

Topics: Cabin definition, aircraft acquisition, aircraft refurbishment

Product: Pacelab Cabin

Lufthansa Consulting

Innovating space

Lufthansa Consulting is a leading international aviation consultancy, serving airlines, airports, authorities and related industries. Read how aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin helps them analyze and optimize their clients’ cabin configuration projects to improve revenue and passenger comfort.

Topics: Airline consulting, cabin definition, passenger revenue

Product: Pacelab Cabin

Paustian Airtex

The fabric of success

Paustian airtex is a leading producer of textile and leather products for passenger cabins, also providing the related certification and MRO services. Find out how their EASA 21J-approved Design Organisation uses aircraft configurator Pacelab Cabin to support clients’ refurbishment projects.

Topics: Cabin definition, aircraft acquisition, aircraft refurbishment

Product: Pacelab Cabin

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