Environmental Policy

TXT e-solutions is an international group specialized in software development and computer services. The company conducts all of its activities in a manner designed to minimize their negative impact on the environment, prevent pollution, enhance the efficacy of such activities in relation to environmental issues, while complying with all applicable environmental legislation. As a company active in the field of software and IT services, TXT e-solutions attaches primary importance to the following environmental issues: energy consumption, air emissions, use of material resources, waste treatment.

The management strives to create the conditions for the whole company to adopt responsible behaviour that safeguards the integrity of the environment in all its activities, stressing ecological awareness in all its employees, at all levels. TXT e-solutions, like many other companies, has adopted an organizational model that encompasses all environmental issues.

The actions that the company intends to implement as part of its aforestated policy are:

  • The continuous monitoring and improvement of its operations in order to help protect the atmosphere, and prevent or reduce various forms of pollution;
  • The responsible management of energy and water consumption, as well as the utilization of those resources that are needed in daily operations, aiming in this fashion to reduce the overall consumption and promote, as much as possible, the use of recycled materials, in all of the Company’s activities;
  • Endeavour opportunities to reduce consumption of paper by selecting and/or eliminating printout of hard copies;
  • Endeavour for new opportunities concerning the reduction, optimization, recycling and re-utilization of waste;
  • The integration of environmental considerations into the procurement processes;
  • The widespread use of teleconferencing and videoconferencing technologies, whenever feasible, as an alternative to business travels and as a contribution to reducing the ecological footprint;
  • Commitment by company to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in all the countries where the Group operates;
  • Encourage and foster employees’ attention to environmental issues;
  • Requiring employees to report any non-compliance issues relating to environmental laws and regulations, while committing the whole company to conducting a proper follow-up.

TXT e-solutions is committed to a successful implementation of such an environmental policy and identifies its structure, which daily deals with security issues, also as a monitoring and promotion tool in the field of environmental policy (

Consolidated Non Financial Statement 2017

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