Our certifications

As one the first software companies in Italy, TXT e-solutions obtained an ISO-9001 certification in 1994. Since then, quality assurance has been at the heart of all our development projects, and we continue to pursue certifications that enable us to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Our most recent achievement: we became one of the first companies worldwide to be successfully appraised with the new CMMI V2.0 model.

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International Organization for Standardization


CMMI Institute

  • Level 3 
    Capability Maturity Model Integration

Automotive SPICE

  • Level 2
    Process Capability

Our quality policy

The TXT quality policy aims at providing products and services meeting the customer expectations and satisfaction, the company growth and profitability as well as fulfilling applicable statutory, regulatory and information assurance requirements.

TXT has decided to comply with the EN9100:2018, UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, CMMI Lev.3, SPICE Lev.2 Quality Standards. This is achieved through the adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS) integrated in the company business processes.

The main targets for the company are to deliver product and services on-time, on-quality and on-budget to our customers. The whole company personnel is committed in adopting and following the Quality Management System (QMS) directives and guidelines to meet the assigned targets. Awareness, motivation, involvement, promotion and education are the key aspects to achieve the quality targets.

Our development standards

We believe adhering to solid software development standards is an important prerequisite to creating consistent, maintainable, reusable and testable code, which is the hallmark of high-quality software applications. 


Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics

  • DO-178C
    for airborne systems and equipment 
  • DO-200
    for aeronautical data processing 
  • DO-278
    for on-ground mission critical systems 

United States Department of Defense

  • MIL-STD 498
    for software development and documentation

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • AQAP-2110 & 2210
    for software development and documentation

International Organization for Standardization 

  • ISO 26262
    for software development and documentation