Looking forward to the future

TXT has a long history of engaging with international industry and research organizations to drive technological innovation and create additional business value for our customers and the wider community. Our partners motivate us with their passion and expertise and enable us to achieve more and more quickly than we ever could on our own. 

Our research activities not only seek to improve existing systems to keep them competitive but also explore fundamentally new solutions and technological breakthroughs.

In-house research and development

With a growing portfolio of software products and an increasingly comprehensive range of services our investments in Research and Development are very important to us.

Our research is focused on identifying new and emerging technologies and how to leverage them to deliver cutting-edge, robust and cost-effective engineering solutions for our clients.


Cooperation with universities and research institutions

Aerospace and automotive are highly research-intensive industries, which strongly rely on universities and research institutions to contribute advanced product and process knowledge that can be translated into technological innovation.

Our joint research programs provide important conceptual groundwork for developing tomorrow's solutions, which are critical to our and our customers' economic success and continued growth.


Publicly funded innovation initiatives with customers

As a company which is built on forging deep, risk-sharing relationships with our customers, TXT regularly engages in joint research activities with industrial partners.


ICARUS (Horizon 2020)

Aviation-driven data value chain for diversified global and local operations

Focus: Pacelab Mission Suite 


FASTEN (Horizon 2020)

Flexible and autonomous manufacturing systems for custom-designed products

Focus: Solutions for Digital Manufacturing


SMART4CPPS (Regione Lombardia)

Smart solutions for cyber-physical production systems in Lombardy manufacturing

Focus: Solutions for Digital Manufacturing



Tactical flight profile optimization based on real-time data to improve fuel efficiency and on-time performance

Focus: Pacelab FPO Cloud


QUALITY (Horizon 2020)

Operation support on the shop floor in Zero Defect Manufacturing environments with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Focus: Pacelab WEAVR


ADMITTED (Horizon 2020/ CleanSky2)

Big Data environment and algorithms for flight testing data for the next generation of LEONARDO Helicopter Division's civil tilt rotor

TXT is the Project Coordinator

Focus:  Solutions for Digital Manufacturing


AI REGIO (Horizon 2020)

Support the implementation of AI-driven fully effective digital transformation pathways for Manufacturing SMEs towards industry 5.0

Focus: Solutions for Digital Manufacturing


XMANAI (Horizon 2020)

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) platform applied to Manufacturing Environment

TXT is the Project Coordinator

Focus: Solutions for Digital Manufacturing