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About Us
Strong Partnerships

Engaging with the industry

We believe in innovation through collaboration and are an active member of a large international network of industrial partners and trade associations. Our partners motivate us with their passion and expertise and enable us to achieve more and more quickly than we ever could on our own.


Creating long-term engagements with the leaders in their respective fields is part of our way of doing business. Our partnerships enable us to leverage expertise and technologies that complement our own, driving technological innovation and creating additional business value for our customers

Connected EFB

Providing real-time access to weather and operational data, the "Connected EFB" creates significant opportunities for streamlining airlines’ flight operations. We cooperate with the major providers of aircraft connectivity and data solutions to build a solid business case for linking electronic flight bags to the aircraft’s avionics data buses. Fuel savings achieved with our EFB tool Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer can deliver a profitable return on the technology investment in just a few months.


TXT and our German subsidiary PACE participate and collaborate with the leading trade associations and their activities, which support and guide the future growth of the aerospace, aviation and automotive industries.

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