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The aerospace and aviation industries are experiencing enormous challenges in terms of fierce global competition, heavier emphasis on performance, quality and schedule, tighter budgets from customers and stricter government regulations. In order to remain competitive and address these challenges, companies are looking for new ways to contain costs, boost productivity and reduce time to market, while improving quality and compliance with standards.

TXT provides customers across the value chain of the aerospace and aviation industry with customized software solutions, off-the-shelf products and services that support customers‘ core engineering processes across the entire aircraft life-cycle and value chain. Our dedicated management team brings a wealth of experience and domain knowledge which is rooted in more than two decades of working with a diverse base of aerospace and aviation customers.

Engineering Processes

TXT acts as a global, highly specialized partner for aerospace and aviation companies and supports their business- and mission-critical engineering processes across the aircraft lifecycle and value chain.

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Preliminary aircraft & systems design

  • Model-based design software platform
  • Preliminary aircraft design
  • Systems architecture design
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On-board software

  • Airborne software from design to operations
  • DO-178/C certifications support
  • Independent V&V services
  • Model-based engineering for avionics
  • Software solutions for parallel testing and automatic V&V
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Product configuration

  • Configuration
  • Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Integration
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Aircraft analysis & evaluation

  • Route and aircraft economic analysis
  • Mobile app for aircraft performance and cost analysis
  • Fleet planning/strategic fleet assignment
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Digital manufacturing


  • Process planning
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Production management
  • Innovative solutions for Industry 4.0
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Training & simulation

  • Flight simulation
  • Virtual training solutions powered by XR
  • Mission planning and rehearsal
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Flight operations

  • En-route flight profile optimization
  • Custom Electronic Flight Bag solutions
  • On-ground operations support systems
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Extended reality

  • Full enterprise solution for XR trainings
  • Dedicated authoring & management modules
  • Player for AR, VR, PC & mobile devices
Industry Segments

We serve customers across different segments of the aerospace and aviation industry helping key departments and project teams overcome their business challenges with innovative software products, tailor-made solutions, specialized services and new approaches.

Visit our industry segment sections to find out more about how we can support your day-to-day activities!

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Aircraft manufacturers

We have a well established software and service offering for manufacturers of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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Airlines and other fleet operators

Leading airlines rely on our software in their daily operations and in the education of their crews.

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Engine OEMs & 1st tier suppliers

Our software and services support key players and activities of the aerospace supply chain.

Pacelab products

Our Pacelab range of commercial off-the-shelf software products is the result of more than two decades of working with and carefully listening to a highly diverse customer base from the aerospace and aviation industries. It is based on a strong commitment to sustained innovation and product quality that addresses both customers’ business and technological needs.

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Pacelab Suite

Preliminary design, first time right

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Pacelab APD

Multi-disciplinary analysis of preliminary aircraft designs

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Pacelab SysArc

Optimizing systems architectures at aircraft level

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Pacelab Mission Suite

The one-stop solution for route and aircraft economic analysis

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Pacelab Route Network Analyzer

Aircraft performance and cost analysis at your fingertips

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Pacelab ACE

The all-new, all-collaborative aircraft configuration environment

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Pacelab ACE myCabin

The industry standard in aircraft and cabin configuration

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Pacelab WEAVR

Your complete solution for enterprise-scale XR training

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Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer

Cost-efficient speeds and altitudes in all flight phases

TXT Aerospace & Aviation management team

TXT Aerospace & Aviation is led by a team of seasoned business professionals with a comprehensive understanding of and passion for the aerospace and aviation industries. With diverse engineering and business backgrounds, our leadership team combines many decades of experience in providing innovative engineering software solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, civil and military operators, MRO providers and research institutions.

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Daniele Misani




Portrait photo of Michael Kokorniak
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Michael Kokorniak

Head of Flight Operations

Co-Founder, Managing Director & General Manager of PACE - a TXT company

Portrait photo of Alexander Schneegans
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Alexander Schneegans

Head of Preliminary Design & Evaluation

Co-Founder & Managing Director of PACE - a TXT company 

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Frank Ehlermann

Head of Product Configuration

Managing Director of PACE - a TXT company 

Portrait photo of Oliver Kranz
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Dr. Oliver Kranz

Co-Founder of PACE - a TXT company

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Michele Capiluppi

Head of Onboard Software

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Nicola Frisco

Head of Training & Simulation

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Joshua Swanson

Head of Extended Reality

Regional Director of PACE - a TXT company

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