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Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer

Cost-efficient speeds and altitudes in all flight phases

Increasing the efficiency of flight operations is a top priority in the fiercely competitive global aviation industry. Fully leveraging the availability of real-time information and advances in onboard technology, flight profile optimization is a significant contributor to greater operational efficiency that significantly affects the airline bottom line.

Real-time EFB application Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer uses live aircraft and weather data to advise flight crews on the most cost-efficient speeds and altitudes for the remaining trip, while respecting scheduled in-block times and other operational constraints. This enables flight crews to respond quickly and effectively to unforeseen changes along the route and to navigate the cost penalties of sub-optimum operations.

How You Can Benefit
Vector icon for "Reduce fuel burn by 2%".

Reduce annual fuel burn by up to 2%

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Increase profitability by more than 7%

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Improve on-time performance

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Raise cost awareness of flight crews

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Achieve quicker return on hardware investments

What Our Customers Say
Key Features
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  • Uniquely optimizes the most efficient trajectory for the remainder of the flight taking all constraints into account
  • Optimizes step climbs and step descents independently of waypoints
  • Provides instant visual feedback regarding the available optimization potential
  • Reads real-time aircraft parameters such as temperature and wind from the aircraft’s data buses
  • Processes the best available aircraft performance data
  • Delivers significantly more accurate results than conventional on-board technology

Certified for Inmarsat SB-S

Inmarsat, the world’s leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, has certified Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer for use on its SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) platform. Our real time EFB application was certified through Inmarsat’s Aviation Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme, which provides a catalog of connected operations and safety applications. WithPacelab Flight Profile Optimizer tested, optimised and certified for use on SB-S, airlines can focus on the benefits of digitisation without having to worry about integration.

Read the full press release in Inmarsat's press room

Computer-based training available!

For a most effective and efficient training of your flight crews Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer comes with a computer-based training (CBT).

Leverage the full potential of your software investment and benefit from the advantages a CBT offers:

  • Full flexibility and control over the learning experience for your flight crews
  • Standardized and consistent training regardless of where your flight crews are situated
  • Train a large number of flight crews within a short time
  • Reduce the trainig costs significantly



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