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Aircraft evaluation
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Pacelab Route Network Analyzer

Aircraft performance and cost analysis at your fingertips

The expertise required to advise airline customers on the best aircraft option for their specific operational requirements and strategic goals is immense, and embedding this knowledge into every salesperson in the field is all but impossible. At the same time, in the highly competitive world of aircraft sales a professional, accurate and persuasive presentation of your products' capabilities can make a tangible difference.

With pre-qualified selections and an intuitive, visual approach, our Pacelab Route Network Analyzer app enables aircraft manufacturers’ sales teams to provide excellent customer service and technical guidance without having to call upon engineering experts in the back office. Combining state-of-the-art aircraft route performance calculations, easy touchscreen interaction and rich multi-media content, this ultra-light app was built with a customer experience in mind that matches the premium character of the product.

How You Can Benefit
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Bring technical know-how to non-engineering functions

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Accurately project aircraft performance on existing or planned routes

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Demonstrate strengths and limitations of alternative aircraft options

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Shorten decision cycles and strengthen buyer confidence

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Streamline communication with customers and team members

What the experts say
  • "With strong collaborative capabilities Pacelab RNA supports aircraft manufacturers and airlines in establishing a level playing field for aircraft evaluation."

    Prof. Paul Clark Managing Director, Through the Looking Glass, and author of standard fleet planning book "Buying the Big Jets"
Key Features
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  • Comprehensive library of aircraft models with predefined weight and layout variants
  • Flexible definition of detailed operational scenarios (routes, load factors, weather, fuel policies, etc.)
  • Instant feedback on key decision factors such as trip fuel, take-off weight and maximum payload
  • Multiple analysis options including single-route calculations, payload-range and wind-impacted range circles
  • Cloud-ready deployment and administration
  • Easy sharing and presentation of analysis results
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Windows 10 app Pacelab Route Network Analyzer was developed in close cooperation with Microsoft.

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