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Preliminary Design
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By some estimates, 70-80% of a product’s total life costs are committed by the decisions made in the early design stages. The high-level design concept will not only determine the production cost but also the product’s operating costs – a critical competitive factor and differentiator.

Our preliminary design platform Pacelab Suite helps design and systems engineers at aircraft, ship, rail and motor vehicle OEMs and first-tier suppliers to reliably assess future product characteristics and performance and to explore more design alternatives in less time.

Highly scalable and fully extensible, Pacelab Suite can be flexibly tailored to a wide range of engineering domains; it also provides the enabling technology for our off-the-shelf software Pacelab APD for preliminary aircraft design and Pacelab SysArc for systems architecture design.

How You Can Benefit
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Shorter development cycles / faster time to market

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Reduced risk of project delays / failures & cost overruns

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More innovative, high-quality products

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Seamless integration of proprietary codes and commercial analysis / MDO tools

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Efficient reuse of proven design solutions and best practices

Key Features
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  • Fast setup of product model from re-usable, parametric building blocks
  • Graphical user interface for definition of mathematical relations, ideally lending itself to engineers
  • Easy reversal of input and output parameters to change the focus of the design investigation
  • Extensible optimization and trade study module
  • Fully extensible through open API
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Pacelab APD

Drawing on Pacelab Suite's product design infrastructure, Pacelab APD allows evaluating alternative aircraft configurations in terms of performance, economics and technical risk and helps to assess the impact of technological innovations early in the design process.

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Pacelab SysArc

Pacelab SysArc is a vertical solution for systems architecture design software. Delivering instant feedback on the global impact, costs and benefits of architectural alternatives, it provides a reliable framework for assessing new technologies and making investment or development decisions

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Aircraft design research

Our software products for preliminary design are appreciated by leading universities and research organizations for their scalability, extensibility and ease of use and regularly feature at international aerospace conferences.

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Customer support

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