The transformative power of mixed reality

The magic is in the mix

Mixed reality technology is all about creating an environment in which virtual and physical objects exist side by side, enabling people to engage with digital content in their real-world surroundings. A fast-growing number of businesses from industries ranging as widely as manufacturing, engineering, retail, healthcare and education are looking into ways of leveraging mixed reality applications to improve their operations and customer experience. Those who manage to spot the right use cases and incorporate mixed reality capabilities into a larger business strategy will gain a significant competitive edge in a rapidly changing marketplace.

TXT pioneers mixed reality software solutions for the aerospace, automotive and other high-tech industries to boost employee training and collaboration, to streamline business-critical processes and to improve customer engagement and communication. With 30+ years of experience in providing advanced engineering and training software solutions, we have a long-standing track record of translating emerging technologies into meaningful innovations for our customers.


5 ways how mixed reality empowers your workforce

Mixed reality applications are wide and varied but they all offer similar advantages in terms of efficient decision-making processes, accessing critical information, visualizing product options or alternative configurations and sharing knowledge across functions and geographies.

Data visualization

Quickly and intuitively understand big or complex data

3D modeling

Bring full-scale product configurations to life

Immersive training

Hone professional skills through experiential learning

On-the-spot support

Get hands-free, real-time access to contextual information

Remote assistance

Receive live instructions from experts worldwide

Wanted: Leaders, innovators & achievers 

TXT has joined the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), which supports innovative HoloLens application and content providers from across the globe. The partnership reflects our commitment to creating high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world.

  • "We’re delighted to have TXT e-solutions join the Mixed Reality Partner Program. TXT’s approach of extending their existing solutions and creating targeted solutions will help aerospace and aviation customers fast-track their journey to industry 4.0 while also driving meaningful cost savings and operational efficiencies."

    Leila Martine, Product Marketing Director, Commercial Mixed Reality Microsoft

One paradigm – countless opportunities

Mixed reality technology represents a significant paradigm shift that encourages companies to re-imagine the way they do business. As mixed reality hardware and software technology advances potential use cases will surely proliferate in the future, but here are a few implementations which deliver tangible benefits to our customers in the aerospace and automotive industries today – whether by enhancing sales and marketing efforts, by promoting a seamless knowledge transfer or by improving collaboration between remote teams.

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Aircraft & cabin configuration

Move from seeing to fully experiencing product configurations

Pacelab Mission Suite application window
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Pilot, maintainer & cabin crew training

Close the skill gap with engaging, state-of-the-art crew education

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Maintenance & ops support

Help technicians do their jobs more efficiently and more safely

Let's talk!

We're only seeing the beginning of what mixed reality can accomplish for businesses in the aerospace, automotive and other industries. As the technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace, it's important to separate fad from lasting opportunity.

  • If you're still unsure whether mixed reality is for you, we'll be happy to walk you through the technical aspects and help you determine which kind of solution could support your specific business processes.
  • If you have something in mind already, we can help you knock your ideas into shape and provide a proof of concept based on your actual training, operational or product data.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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