Engineering Process
Digital Manufacturing

For a smarter and more efficient supply chain

We support the aircraft manufacturing and assembly process with digital manufacturing solutions that combine in-depth business knowledge, state-of-the-art software technologies and customer-proven methodologies.

Our solutions address the complex challenges encountered by ICT experts, industrial and manufacturing engineers as well as planning, production and maintenance departments in key areas including:

  • Industrialization
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Maintenance

Drawing on our long-standing expertise of the aerospace, automotive and transportation industry and the development of advanced software solutions, we help customers to increase their productivity, to manage product changes and their impact on production, inventories and logistics and to improve the overall quality of their processes and products.

All our solutions are based on mature, industry-proven software libraries, toolboxes and reference applications, which combine the robustness of commercial off-the-shelf software with the flexibility of a customized solution.



Leveraging Industry 4.0/IoT methodologies for streamlined manufacturing

  • Design and development of upstream and downstream IT systems bringing together the right platform, technology and user experience
  • Application of Industry 4.0 concepts to the supply chain
  • Implementation of advanced HCI, multimedia, augmented reality and mobile technologies
  • Development of Big Data & Analytics strategies and tools
  • Integration of IoT for predictive maintenance and real-time process optimization



A service portfolio covering the entire supply chain process

  • Managing configurations and their exceptions, tracing as-designed and as-planned discrepancies
  • Planning your production and scheduling your orders through real-time simulation
  • Tracking your work, material and machines and providing the right information to the right people at the right time in the right format
  • Identifying potential failures in advance and remotely monitoring machine conditions
  • Implementing a Big Data approach to keep your KPIs and overall equipment effectiveness under control
  • Pre-packaged software assets lower project costs and ensure maximum system reliability

Digital manufacturing solutions widely used across the industry

  • 40 plants currently operating with our systems
  • 12 aircraft/helicopter types produced with our software solutions

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