Define, implement and improve DO-178C processes for single- and multi-core platforms

    We support your company in safety and security aspects during the entire airborne software lifecycle, optimizing your processes and helping you to obtain the RTCA-DO-178C certification cost-effectively without compromising quality. The TXT on-board software team offers a 30-minutes free consultation every Friday. Fill in the form below, to reserve your slot.

    Professional certification support

    We help you making the right decisions from the early stages:

    • What is the right approach for your software development cycle? Choose between a model-based approach with SCADE or Simulink (DO-331) or an object-oriented one with UML and ADA95 or C++ (DO-332). You can also choose to integrate both.
    • Could you improve lifecycle procedures by introducing qualified tools or by leveraging on existing ones? Make the most of automation and re-use your existing toolchain (DO-330).
    • How can you guarantee determinism on modern multi-core platforms (CAST-32A)? Define your verification process to prove that interferences are not affecting the required system behavior and plan your development to get the best from your ARINC 653 architecture.
    • How do you intend to guarantee a high level of application security? Introduce cyber-security as part of the company culture by training people and introducing assets like checklists and specific tools (DO-326).

    TXT is with you all the way

    We help your company to define, implement and improve your RTCA-DO-178C processes. Whether you need us from the planning phase or only for optimizing the existing processes, we offer support during all the necessary steps to obtain a DO-178C certification:

    • Planning: We assess your needs, create plans and project standards, define the software lifecycle and its adoption by helping you to choose the best approach and application of agile methodologies. Everything tailored according to your organization.
    • Development: We comply with system requirements and internal standards starting from existing processes of your software factory.
    • Verification: We support your company in the verification process and the provision of all the necessary artifacts.
    • Support activities: We assist you in setting up an adequate configuration and in implementing a strong quality management system.

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