A laptop screen showing Pacelab Cabin.
Engineering Process
Product Configuration

Time-efficient, high-quality definition of aircraft products

Henry Ford famously promised his customers they could have their cars in any color "as long as it's black". Modern aircraft however are highly individualized products tailored to the unique needs of a specific customer, and subject, in total and in parts, to a wide range of technical, legal and regulatory requirements.

Backed by a powerful rules and constraints engine and high-end visualization, our configurators make it easier for aircraft manufacturers, component suppliers, cabin integrators and airlines to understand and manage the complexity and interdependencies of the available options and to coordinate the high level of interaction and communication required in the configuration process.

Aircraft & cabin configuration

As the world’s first aircraft and cabin configuration software, aircraft and cabin configurator Pacelab Cabin provides the most comprehensive, reliable and transparent decision-making support available.

Pacelab Cabin is used by leading aircraft manufacturers and operators, whose expert requirements have helped us create a unique and innovative range of configuration features.

Your benefits

  • Displays viable product options in intuitive, custom-branded catalog
  • Allows instant preview of key configuration data (seat capacity, PAX/trolley, etc.)
  • Confirms technical feasibility and FAR/JAR compliance
  • Generates fully customizable sales deliverables and production outputs
  • Seamlessly integrates with CAD and PLM systems
Pacelab Cabin on tablet screen

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