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A new generation of smart configuration tools

Henry Ford famously promised his customers they could have their cars in any color "as long as it's black". Modern aircraft manufacturers no longer have this privilege as they sell highly individualized products which are tailored to the unique needs of a specific customer, and subject, in total and in parts, to a wide range of technical, legal and regulatory requirements.

To streamline this complex task the Pacelab Aircraft Configuration Environment (ACE) provides OEM's sales and marketing departments, airlines, MRO service providers and consultants with a powerful set of tools. Combining a server-based business logic and web-based client applications with mature, industry-proven software, Pacelab ACE is a highly scalable and evolutive solution that provides digital marketing guidance, ensures data continuity and delivers an outstanding customer experience to match the premium nature of the aircraft product.

How to ACE your aircraft definition process

Pacelab ACE takes your business to the next level providing tangible process and business benefits.

Cost savings

Capture your complete aircraft configuration in a single process & application

Digital transformation

Initialize a digital thread, digitize documentation & ensure data continuity

Next-gen user experience

Provide a next-generation buyer experience in a digitally enhanced environment

Increased revenues

Create upselling opportunities with data-driven features selection and visualization

Pacelab ACE - The power set of aircraft configuration

Server-based business logic

  • Single data source for all clients, solutions and products
  • Native multi-platform network support for internal and external collaboration
  • Highly scalable and evolutive architecture
  • Seamless integration with CAD and PLM systems

Web-based user experience

  • Multi device support including notebook, tablet, smartphone
  • View and edit configuration details from anywhere in the world
  • Capture customer needs in a custom-branded e-catalog
  • Leverage custom-branded e-catalog to provide digital customer guidance 

Mixed-reality applications

TXT has joined the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), which supports innovative HoloLens application and content providers from all across the globe. The partnership reflects our commitment to creating high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world.

Pacelab Cabin application window on laptop screen

Mature, industry-proven software

Our aircraft and cabin configurator Pacelab Cabin is used by leading aircraft manufacturers and operators, whose expert requirements have helped us create a unique and innovative range of configuration features.

  • The industry standard in aircraft and cabin configuration
  • Early technical feasibility and certification FAR/JAR compliance
  • Generates fully customizable sales deliverables and technical outputs

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