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Extended Reality

PACE is committed to be the market leader in extended reality (XR) solutions for large industrial applications, building on our experience and expertise in applying advanced technologies to solve real-world customer problems. Our flagship product Pacelab WEAVR offers a complete enterprise solution for XR training, which enables customers to build their own immersive training environment.

Extended reality is an umbrella term for technologies that enhance the reality of our physical world with virtual digital objects. Today, the term mainly refers to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, but its definition is broad enough to accommodate immersive technologies yet to emerge from a field that is advancing at breakneck speed.


VR, AR, MR — sorry, what's the difference again?

Current XR technologies vary in the degree to which they blend reality and virtuality, and they use specific hardware (HTP Vive, HP Reverb, Microsoft HoloLens, etc.) to provide digitally enhanced experiences. Which XR technology is right for you depends on your objectives and your main target user group.

Virtual Reality

Users are immersed in a fully artificial environment that shuts out the visual portion of the physical world.

Augmented Reality

Virtual objects are superimposed on real environments to provide users with additional contextual information.

Mixed Reality

Virtual objects are merged into real environments, where users can manipulate and interact with them.

More effective training, faster & at lower costs

Immersive training yields significant benefits to any industry sector where active, ongoing development of skills and first-hand, experiential learning are required, particularly industries that deal with complex products or high-risk tasks.

75% knowledge retention

Compared to 5% from lectures and 10% from reading

90% median recall accuracy

Compared to 79% on desktop display-based learning

60% reduction in training time

Compared to conventional learning methods

33% reduction in training cost

Compared to traditional technical education

97% trainee acceptance

High number of students would like to do more XR training

Today's XR trend will be tomorrow’s mainstream

Source: XR Industry Survey 2019

Recent research shows that more than two-thirds of technology and business stakeholders expect XR technology to enter the mainstream in less than five years.

Virtual training & knowledge transfer

In an industrial context, an acute shortage of technical staff and the looming skills gap left by an aging workforce are key drivers for adopting XR technologies to provide a more efficient training and knowledge transfer.

With enterprise adoption forecast to grow to about 70% by 2022, now is the best time to invest in XR technology to stay ahead of the curve. Consult our seasoned team of training experts, software developers and 3D designers to find out how!

Getting started is easier than you think

We have developed a complete solution for extended reality training, which enables companies to build their own immersive learning environment, inhouse and at their own pace.

Pacelab WEAVR provides dedicated functionality for instructors, students and data admins and requires no programming skills – now anyone in your organization can create 3D scenes and training procedures.

The proof of the concept is in the results

We offer a free 45-day trial based on your own data, so nothing stops you from launching your XR training project today!

Our team is your team!

Our international, interdisciplinary Extended Reality team draws on broad industry experience, strong partner networks and a passion for innovative technology to help you along your digital transformation paths.

Joshua Swanson

Global Head of Extended Reality & Regional Director


Joerg Gehrmann

Director of Sales and Marketing,
Extended Reality


Abdulrahman Moussa

Technical Product Manager,
Extended Reality


Jacopo Gasparetti

Development Manager,
Extended Reality


Wanted: Leaders, innovators & achievers

In our commitment to create high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world, we are partnering with market-leading manufacturers of XR devices and training equipment suppliers.

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