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Software quality services

TXT supports customers in the financial sector in defining strategies and testing processes, with the aim of improving the quality of the applications released, even if developed by third parties. The TXT teams have a consolidated experience in banking and financial core processes and IT applications and a strong methodological competence that allows to support organizations in the management and optimization of the software quality process.

The TXT Quality Assurance Center is a structure dedicated to the financial world, whose focus is on optimizing IT quality and alignment with the business. Through a model of measurement and control of the IT risk, TXT guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the information systems.

The work is carried out by specialists in possession of ISTQB certifications and deep knowledge of the main market and open source technology platforms, through which customers are supported to achieve the highest software quality in all their projects, being then carried out using waterfall and agile methods.

Software solutions for consumer credits and NPL management

With the acquisition of Cheleo, TXT extended its portfolio of software solutions with an innovative suite of products for the financial world, specifically:

  • Financial institution (according to art. 106 e 107 – Bank of Italy regulations for "financial products" companies )
  • Banking institutions

The Cheleo product suite offers complete support for credit management processes, such as

  • Leasing
  • Mortgage
  • Factoring
  • Personal loans (Cessione del Quinto dello Stipendio“ (CQS))
  • Other loans

More recently, a comprehensive set of software modules and dedicated services (ranging from facilities management and application management to a full BPO) has been tailored to meet the specific IT needs of companies engaged in

  • Non Performing Loans (NPL)
  • Credit Collection

About Cheleo

Since its foundation, Cheleo has developed a series of software applications aimed at financial organizations. Each of our products natively integrates with the others but is at the same time totally independent.

Our applications are created from scratch, leaving behind the conventional approach in this market of simply stitching together separate modules for the management of contracts, parties, portfolio effects, accounting, banks, assets, etc. In contrast, Cheleo has assigned these and other functions to a core system which manages the entire application suite and natively integrates individual vertical technical forms.

Our offer

The Cheleo product suite

The Cheleo suite consists of the following products:

Ace: Leasing
King: Mortgage
Queen: Salary backed loan
Jack: Personal loans
Ten: Factoring
Nine: Non performing loans
Eight: Credit recovery
Joker: Core system

Independent verification & validation

Software verification & validation is defined as a system engineering methodology aimed to ensure that quality is "built into" the software during development. TXT offers a proven experience in IV&V, providing a large team dedicated to IV&V activities for different markets and wide-ranging knowledge of several tools and suites including open source ones.

IT governance & software quality

IT governance is the formalized adoption of methodologies, practices and tools for deciding how available resources should be allocated. TXT has both assets and know-how, thanks to the experience gained in different markets:

  • Asset - Mastering market-leading project portfolio management suites
  • Consulting - Consulting services for the organizational setup of the Governance Model, for the review of operational processes, for the definition of internal rules and requirements
  • Integration Services - Technical solutions  aiming to maximize the reuse of existing components and to support the deployment of the chosen project portfolio management suite

Enterprise applications

Banks are facing continuous changes affecting not only their internal organization but business processes as well: being able to offer solutions for productivity efficiency translates into a quick response to the needs of flexibility, updating and time to market. Intranet, company websites and their web 2.0 evolution in virtual workspaces allow the creation of privileged areas to facilitate and reconfigure communications within a company, taking advantage of collaboration between people.

TXT is able to design solutions enabling new organizational and working models, covering the entire project life cycle.

Business process management & business intelligence

The adoption of a business process management (BPM) approach in the IT banking industry helps fill the gap between business and IT by promoting a real collaboration around business processes and ensuring a life-long consistency of IT and business needs. The adoption of an IBM BPM and a proven competence in managing process and data enable TXT to deliver projects that improve enterprise performance and business agility.

Testing services

Functional testing

Verifies the correct implementation of features & functionalities

Vector icon of a shield.

Security testing

Identifies & eliminates source code vulnerabilities

Vector icon for "Short development circles".

Test automation

Optimizes execution times & ensures reliability

Vector icon for "Prediction of performance".

Performance testing

Objectively measures or predicts load capacity

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Mobile testing

Devises & implements specific tests for mobile applications

Why choose TXT

  • We have over 30 years experience and we are long-term partners of the main Italian banking institutions.
  • We have a comprehensive product suite for consumer credits and NPL management.
  • We have high domain expertise and a vast team of specialists dedicated to quality assurance.
  • We define methodologies and tools together with our customers to increase the quality and efficiency of software development.
  • We know the main market platforms and the most known open source tools.
  • We provide  KPIs for our quality assurance services, measuring their results for continuous improvement.
  • We help our customers to identify and implement automated tests to optimize the time and cost of the quality assurance process.
  • We provide our customers with a transformation model that helps them implement DevOps best practices against business needs.
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TXT Banking & Finance management team

Paolo Enrico Colombo

Executive Vice President, TXT

Elena Antonini

Vice President, TXT

Bruno Roma

Chairman, Cheleo

Flavio Minari

Director, Cheleo

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