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AR/MR Field Assistants

Smart assisted procedures for maintenance technicians

An effective maintenance organization is integral to ensuring high-quality products and safe, on-time operations. Our bespoke software assistants combine cutting-edge simulation technology and training methodology to help field technicians perform procedural aircraft maintenance tasks more efficiently and more independently.

We develop bespoke aircraft maintenance software tools which leverage customers’ technical expertise to provide on-the-spot support. Assist levels range from augmented reality overlays to real-time remote coaching. Running on widely available mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or smart glasses, your custom AR/MR field assistants are always close at hand to provide a refresher on individual maintenance steps by superimposing text based instructions, floating annotations and rich multimedia content. If required, our AR/MR tools will put your technicians in touch with remote subject matter experts directly from the field, live-streaming audio and video information for an efficient resolution of complex and critical problems.

Our unique Pacelab WEAVR toolbox enables us to take a flexible building- block approach to developing a custom solution for you, which not only saves time and costs but also guarantees your customization is built around a robust and reliable functional core.


Experience our approach first-hand with a proof of concept based on your very own training data – please contact us for a free consultation!

How You Can Benefit
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Minimized risk of human factor related errors

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Up-to-date information and operational support at all times

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Fast propagation of changes to all involved technical personnel

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Fast, reliable access to live expert advice from anywhere in the world

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Earlier transition to practical work experience

Wanted: Leaders, innovators & achievers 

TXT has joined the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), which supports innovative HoloLens application and content providers from across the globe. The partnership reflects our commitment to creating high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world.

Key features

  • Advanced AR/MR technology: Adds textual and visual support to any maintenance situation
  • Remote AV support: Connects with subject matter experts for over-the-shoulder coaching
  • Off-the-shelf hardware: Runs on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones or smart glasses
  • Smart data import: Imports standardized data from technical publications
  • Open architecture: Seamlessly integrates into existing IT infrastructure
  • Fast synchronization: Synchronizes procedures and supporting content between server and mobile clients
  • Easy procedures authoring: Template-based approach requires little to no programming skills 
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