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Flight operations
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Pacelab CI OPS

Cost index operations for regional aircraft

On aircraft equipped with an FMS that does not support cost index, cost-effective flying is left precariously up to the skill and experience of the flight crew. EFB application Pacelab CI OPS enables operators of regional and legacy aircraft to consistently harness the full potential of cost index operations, one of the few remaining "big-ticket items" of fuel efficiency.

Pacelab CI OPS allows pilots to determine the most economical speeds and altitudes for the current flight conditions and planned arrival time based on highly accurate aircraft performance data. Off-the-shelf versions are available for all major regional aircraft types including Bombardier CRJ, BAe Avro RJ and Embraer E-Jets.

How You Can Benefit
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Reduce annual fuel burn by up to 4% on average

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Improve on-time performance

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Raise cost awareness of flight crews

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Promote data-driven operational decisions

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Generate variable speed schedules for CI-based flight planning

What Our Customer Say
  • "Successful operational efficiency management is the result of many small steps toward a clearly-defined goal. Our aim is to improve every single aspect of our flight operations, and state-of-the-art tools like Pacelab CI OPS offer in-valuable support on our way forward."

    Alexander Holhut, Manager Operational Services Cockpit Lufthansa CityLine
  • "After improving our regional fleet flight planning with the Pacelab CI OPS software, we decided to equip our regional as well as our long haul aircraft with PACE EFB software to enable our crews to optimize the operational efficiency of their flights in the cockpit."

    Pieter Steurbaut, Operational Efficiency Manager Brussels Airlines
  • "Pacelab CI OPS was first introduced onboard CityLine’s CRJ 200, 700 and 900, where it resulted in average annual savings of around four percent. Subsequently, Pacelab CI OPS also became a standard EFB installation for the pilots of the newly acquired Embraer 190/195 jets."

    Capt. Joachim Scheiderer, Head of Flight Operations Support Lufthansa CityLine
Key Features
Pacelab CI OPS application window
    • Calculates full and partial ECON trajectories taking into account cost index, planned in-block time, CG, wind, DISA, GW and other key factors
    • Calculates the most economical descent path of the flight profile
    • Evaluates and ranks alternative trajectories to identify next-best solutions
    • Permits variable cost indices and dynamically adjusts the CI value within the limits of a specified range
    • Uses first-principles or best available performance data
    • Supports pilot-friendly, use-case based approach
    • Provides add-on module for onboard flight monitoring
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