Pacelab Data Management
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Pacelab Data Management

Efficient collaboration on complex products

For aircraft manufacturers and other companies that need to design, configure and market complex products all over the globe, having a unified environment to manage product or configuration information and track the status of customer projects is essential.

Pacelab Data Management is a set of interoperating front-end and server applications, which provides workgroup and enterprise data management support for a growing number of Pacelab client applications. It centralizes product and project data and the associated sales and engineering documents and supports the implementation of standardized work processes and user access control.

How You Can Benefit
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Access current, accurate information regardless of department or location

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Collaborate with distributed project teams, customers, and suppliers

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Maintain product quality and reduce compliance risks

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Improve productivity and reduce lead times

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Protect data integrity and process transparency

Key Features
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  • Provides a single, central, controlled data repository
  • Manages lifecycle of components and configurations
  • Automatically tracks versions and change history
  • Controls user access to project and results data, meta information and the software functionality available
  • Offers browser-based frontend for viewing and downloading project and results data
  • Seamlessly integrates with Pacelab applications and downstream processes

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