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Cost-efficient altitudes and speeds in ALL flight phases

Reducing costs and fuel burn have always been a priority for airlines but in recent times the issues of aircraft connectivity and data integration have moved center stage. Our EFB application Pacelab FPO addresses all of these challenges: it leverages the availability of real-time data to optimize flight altitudes and speeds en route and provides significant fuel savings, which deliver a quick return of investment on EFB and connectivity hardware.

Leading airlines rely on Pacelab FPO to help flight crews effectively respond to unforeseen changes along the route, making a sophisticated trade-off between operational efficiency considerations, flight punctuality and passenger comfort.

Pacelab FPO is Windows and iOS compatible and can be deployed as EFB or cloud solution. In addition, comprehensive consulting and integration services are available – get in touch with us today to find out how you can start saving tomorrow!

Discover a new savings dimension

We have teamed up with lateral route optimization experts Route Dynamics Corp. to create an integrated, multi-dimensional optimization solution for dispatch operations and the flight deck.

The solution combines the lateral optimization capabilities of RDC's SmartRoutes™ with the vertical flight profile optimization capabilities of Pacelab FPO in a single, powerful decision support system.

Want to learn more about how you can reduce your airline's flight time and operational costs? Contact us now for more information!

How You Can Benefit

Reduces annual fuel burn by an average of 1%, depending on aircraft type and airline policies

Raises situational awareness of flight crews and helps them solve their daily challenges

Facilitates collaboration with Operations Control and Air Traffic Control

Improves on-time performance, flight safety and passenger comfort

Helps achieve a quicker return on EFB and connectivity hardware investments

What Our Customers Say
  • Pacelab FPO has been instrumental in helping determine the safest, most comfortable and efficient route on every flight. [...] This means guests arrive on our islands well rested and on time to begin their vacation, while we further reduce our environmental footprint."

    Captain Brian Beres, Senior Director for Flight Standards and Qualifications Hawaiian Airlines
  • "The aircraft connected EFB allows airlines to explore new horizons of operational efficiency management on the flight deck. The Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer software is a perfect fit."

    Capt. Rod Halpert, Flight Operations Senior Manager Procedures Southwest Airlines
  • "Lufthansa sees great potential in en-route flight profile optimization. With Pacelab FPO, we can save a few hundred kilograms per long-haul flight."

    Capt. Andreas Ritter, Head of EFB and Captain A340 Lufthansa German Airlines
  • "Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer is showing great potential in becoming a cornerstone of on-board operational cruise efficiency management."

    Sander de Moor, Senior Manager Fuel Efficiency
  • "Austrian Airlines opted for Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer because it enables our flight crews to attach value to operational efficiency in times where fuel cost constitute a higher than ever portion of the operating costs."

    Capt. Oliver Cantele, Operations Efficiency Program Manager Austrian Airlines
Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer application window

Key features

  • Only commercial tool to optimize the entire vertical flight trajectory, from climb through to descent
  • Observes a wide variety of operational, regulatory and custom constraints
  • Continuously quantifies and displays the available optimization potential
  • Ingests any ARINC 633 compliant Operational Flight Plan
  • Reads avionics parameters in real time via ARINC 834 or from ACARS AOC messages
  • Seamlessly interfaces with airlines’ weather and/ or turbulence information sources
  • Offers optional module to avoid turbulence areas, visualizing them in the vertical profile view
  • Displays wind and temperature overlays
  • Records trajectory and efficiency parameters for post-flight analysis 

Finnair on introducing Pacelab FPO to their A350 fleet

Finnair is continuously taking measures to further improve fuel efficiency by optimizing their operational practices. Learn why they chose Pacelab FPO to optimize vertical flight profiles during flight, how the software leverages the advanced connectivity provided by their A350 aircraft and how the pilots have taken to their new decision aid in the March 2019 edition of Aircraft IT Journal.

Certified for Inmarsat SB-S

Inmarsat, the world’s leading provider of global mobile satellite communications, has certified Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer for use on its SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) platform. Our real time EFB application was certified through Inmarsat’s Aviation Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme, which provides a catalog of connected operations and safety applications. With Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer tested, optimised and certified for use on SB-S, airlines can focus on the benefits of digitisation without having to worry about integration.

Read the full press release in Inmarsat's press room

 We cooperate with all major providers of aircraft connectivity solutions to advance the Connected EFB.

Computer-based training available!

For a most effective and efficient training of your flight crews Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer comes with a computer-based training (CBT).

Leverage the full potential of your software investment and benefit from the advantages a CBT offers:

  • Full flexibility and control over the learning experience for your flight crews
  • Standardized and consistent training regardless of where your flight crews are situated
  • Train a large number of flight crews within a short time
  • Reduce the trainig costs significantly



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