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What's new in 6.7

Highlight: Design route maps to match to your corporate style

Pacelab Mission Suite’s MapView displays the route network currently under investigation on a geographical map, complete with departure and destination airports, waypoints, etc. The new version enables you to customize their appearance to your company's or department's visual style and to export your custom view to standard image formats for easy inclusion in reports, business proposals and other sales collateral.

Category: Reporting

Additional new and enhanced features

Release 6.7 adds further calculation cases to Pacelab Mission Suite’s study module including payload and fuel investigations for multi-hop routes. In addition, the new version allows for more flexibility when defining studies: you can explore different meteorological scenarios by conducting range circles studies with statistical winds or user-defined wind inputs or you can apply a correction factor to maximum range circle investigations for more conservative, curated results.

Category: Analysis

The new version enables you to map out ETOPS route data on Google Earth, visualizing the applicable area of operations or the location of characteristic ETOPS points, for example. This gives you instant visual feedback for a better route-by-route assessment of your data.

Category: Analysis, Reporting

Version 6.7 introduces an easy, XML-based way of substituting Pacelab Mission Suite’s “factory” settings for key parameters such as route length, diversion and payload with company-specific defaults to reduce the time needed for setting up route networks and to mitigate the risk of manual entry errors.

Category: Productivity

Released December 2017

The information given in the release spotlight does not claim to be exhaustive, should be regarded as tentative and may change without notice.

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