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Release Spotlight

What’s new in 7.0

The latest version of our route network and aircraft economic analysis software introduces many new or improved features to make your work easier, more efficient and more relevant. Here are some of the functional additions.

Highlight: Streamlined airport and runway definition

Pacelab Mission Suite’s airport module allows importing, loading and creating airport and runway data sets to be used in the definition of geographical routes and in take-off or landing investigations. The new version improves the way airport, runway and obstacle information are organized, minimizing the risk of errors and inconsistencies by enabling users to analyze and validate imported data more efficiently.

The new version also offers users more convenience and flexibility when importing airport data from heterogenous sources: diverse data can be collected in a dedicated Microsoft Excel template and added to the current project or a local repository in a single step.

Category: Data Management, Productivity

New flight segments for special missions

Release 7.0 introduces additional flight segments to enable more realistic route investigations for special missions. The new set includes constant altitude cruise and payload/fuel pickup or drop-off segments, designed to accurately model and analyze flight profiles for surveillance, SAR and other security operations.

Category: Modeling, Analysis

Save customized views for later use

Release 7.0 enables users to keep and restore their personal views, data filters and MapView customizations, giving them instant access to their most recent configuration. The new version also facilitates the reuse and further processing of studies and assumptions by easy copy-and-paste operations within and between projects.

Category: Productivity

Server-based help system

Release notes, user guides and other technical documentation are now available in an easy-to-use, server-based help system, which enables user to search for information across all documents in a single query and ensures they always have the most up-to-date data right at their fingertips.

Category: Documentation

The information given in the release spotlight does not claim to be exhaustive, should be regarded as tentative and may change without notice.

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