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What's new in 6.1

Highlight: Library of avionic components

The new system components library provides a set of dedicated components, distribution elements, parameters, ports and calculation methods for modeling avionic components (such as CPMs, LRUs, RDCs) and networks (for example ARINC 429, AFDX, CAN bus). The ready-to-use components come with predefined characteristics such as weight, power consumption or heat dissipation and enable a faster creation of aircraft models.

Additional new and enhanced features

The former Trade Study feature has been completely redesigned and renamed Study Module. The new studies come with a reworked and improved user interface and more flexibility in the definition of studies. Additional new capabilities include the option to create custom sampling functions that can define pre- and post-solving actions, such as wire re-routing after re-positioning system components in the aircraft.

The new Assumption feature allows to apply predefined values to multiple parameters in a project or study using context-relevant names. These presets describe, for example, season-specific conditions, flight or failure modes or even economic parameters and can be used to either evaluate an aircraft and/or its behavior in different scenarios or conduct comparative studies.

The propulsion group can now be configured to use engines of different types and models on the same aircraft. To support these mixed-engine configurations, the Propulsion Group component has been redesigned to support the individual configuration of powerplant components, allowing to conduct studies on hybrid-electric engines, for example.

Released September 2017

The information given in the release spotlight does not claim to be exhaustive, should be regarded as tentative and may change without notice.

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