• PACE Extended reality
    Pacelab WEAVR... makes it real!
    Discover Pacelab WEAVR, the fully scalable extended reality software platform that enables aviation companies and other skill-intensive enterprises to build and manage their own immersive learning environment now – in-house and at their own pace.

Start building your own immersive learning environment now

Pacelab WEAVR provides a comprehensive and robust extended reality platform for your in-house teams to create and deploy advanced training solutions. And because Pacelab WEAVR is all about scalability and flexibility, your learning environment will adapt and grow with your needs.

The power of three

Pacelab WEAVR's three main components provide you with everything you need to implement and manage virtual training in your organization:

Simplified Application Development

WEAVR Creator

the intuitive, no-coding authoring tool lets anyone in your company create state-of-the-art immersive training

Centralized Application Execution

WEAVR Player

the learner-facing app offers training sessions in single- or multi-user mode, anywhere on any XR-ready device

Comprehensive Management Portal

WEAVR Manager

the administrative nerve center handles user access, content roll-out, collaboration, remote instruction, etc.

Why Pacelab WEAVR?

We are committed to be the market leader in industrial-scale extended reality solutions. We are not a startup. We are not a gaming company. We are a mature software company with a proven record of delivering transformative solutions at large industrial scale, stemming from a deep understanding of our customers and years of experience working with large industry companies.

Holistic fully integrated platform

Simple creation of complex content

Supports AR, VR, PC & mobile/tablet

Automated systems integration (LMS &c)

Designed to support industrial scale

The Pacelab WEAVR 2.0 countdown has officially begun!

After months of innovative development based on customer feedback and continuous R&D, the next major release of our comprehensive software platform for building and managing XR training has entered its final development stages and Pacelab WEAVR 2.0 will be released very soon!

Introducing... PICO

Don't miss our exciting range of new and enhanced features and meet PICO, virtual coach and trusted friend, who will guide students through their digital training environments — check back regularly for more information!

Need to reduce training time & cost right now?

You are responsible for implementing XR training at your company and can't wait until April? Then why not request an exclusive Pacelab WEAVR 2.0 preview to give you a head start on building your own immersive learning environment?

Get the expert view

Our seasoned team of training experts, software developers and 3D designers understands how to design XR experiences for maximum impact.

  • We can walk you through the technical aspects and help you determine which kind of training solution is right for you.
  • If you have something in mind already, we can help you knock your ideas into shape and provide a proof of concept based on your actual data.

Wanted: Leaders, innovators & achievers

In our commitment to create high-quality, immersive experiences that push the envelope of how people work, communicate and engage with the digital world, we are partnering with market-leading manufacturers of XR devices and training equipment suppliers.

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