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Leveraging your most valuable assets

Your technical expertise, manifest in a variety of formats from product specifications to maintenance procedures, is what makes you stand out from your competition. We can help you leverage this trove of data in bespoke training applications which create highly engaging learning experiences and help your students assimilate and retain information more easily.

Covering the whole spectrum from basic procedural training to full mission practice, our software solutions provide a high level of commonality and consistency, which minimizes the learning curve for progressing learners. The modular architecture of our solutions ensures they can be changed or extended as your training needs evolve. It also facilitates the deployment of training content across different systems including desktop PC, mobile and VR devices and browser-based cloud applications.

Cabin crews

Maintenance technicians

Flight crews

Learning by doing, virtually

Virtual training systems can model any type of complex system to any level of detail. The virtual environment enables trainees to practice real-world tasks without risk, while the high-fidelity simulation of components and missions scenarios ensures that the consequences of their actions accurately replicate interactions with real equipment. Browse our media gallery below to see different training environments for cabin crews, pilots and maintenance technicians.

Get your individual solution package

Our turn-key solutions are based on our unique Pacelab WEAVR software and include:

  • Student software providing realistic simulation scenarios on multiple devices
  • Instructor software to monitor and evaluate training sessions (on site and remote)
  • Hardware (HMD, workstations, etc.) selected and installed by us on your premises
  • Personalization services


Experience our approach first-hand with a proof of concept based on your very own training data – please contact us for a free consultation!

How You Can Benefit

Reduced need for expensive instructor-led live sessions

Custom solution reflecting your educational and business goals

Training contents accessible on PC and portables / wearables

Quick, consistent release of new or changed training material

On-demand and interactive training fit for the new user generation

End-to-end support

As seasoned process and technology advisers we understand your challenges and provide end-to-end support to achieve the optimum solution for you:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Development of bespoke functionalities
  • Supplementary training contents
  • Certification support and automated testing
  • Data analysis, maintenance and update services

Cabin crew training

Digitalization simplifies the logistics of cabin crew training by transforming technical and procedural knowledge into state-of-the-art virtual training solutions. Our training solutions for cabin crews are not only efficient and cost-effective but also help trainees acquire the skills required to perform effectively in high-pressure situations.

Supported use cases

  • Aircraft security search: Learn airline-specific security inspection procedures
  • Aircraft familiarization: Explore the aircraft, access any area and learn how to interact with cabin items
  • Pre-flight checks: Learn how to perform pre-flight checks in varying degrees of difficulty
  • Service training: Practice all aspects of on-board service including galley management

A350 Digital Door Trainer

The A350 Digital Door Trainer is a modular, customizable solution to support aircraft door training.

Students can be trained in highly realistic, fully immersive virtual environments, which promote learning by doing approach and self-paced training, while enabling instructor monitoring and coaching.

The A350 Digital Door Trainer is based on our unique Pacelab WEAVR platform, which streamlines the authoring, management and execution of training applications, significantly lowering development and operational costs.

Aircraft maintenance training

Our customized training software solutions use advanced virtual and mixed reality technology to provide interactive, engaging learning experiences that improve the acquisition and retention of complex technical information in a safe environment. Existing simulations can be integrated or developed in more detail to increase the fidelity of the training experience.

Supported use cases

  • Planned maintenance (procedural and free play)
  • Troubleshooting
  • System/sub-system familiarization

Flight training

TXT low-cost flight simulations support the entire flight crew curriculum from basic procedural training to full mission practice. We take great care to ensure a high level of consistency between our training applications to minimize the learning curve for progressing learners. The modular architecture of our solutions ensures they can be connected and extended with third-party elements like simulations, visual databases, etc.

Supported use cases

  • Cockpit familiarization
  • Procedural training
  • Free flight
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