Oct 05

Stop noise pollution & learning by sharing


The TXT Aerospace & Aviation division is working on this specific issue with a new knowledge sharing and #learningbysharing project led by Michele Capiluppi with Francesco Gritta, Stefano Bonacina and Alfonso Cassese.

The goal of the design analysis is very specific: to minimize the acoustic impact of aircrafts, during landing and take-off, on the environment. For its success and implementation, a close collaboration has been launched between TXT, and the young engineers of two prestigious universities: the Politecnico di Milano and Milano Bicocca, and the neighboring towns of Malpensa. (Castano Primo, Lonate Pozzolo, Nosate)

The research, which uses a noise propagation model and the data collected by the ARPA control units in the Malpensa area, will evaluate the optimization of the routes for the benefit of the towns, for the significant improvement of the living conditions of the entire community (homes, schools, hospitals)

An #Aereospace #Eco-friendly project that confirms TXT's mission and commitment towards corporate social responsibility; technological innovation and #learningbysharing at the service of the #community.

Thanks to the work team and the #partners involved in this learning by sharing project.

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