Research initiatives

Smart Solutions for Cyber-Physical Production Systems

We are currently participating in Smart4CPPS, a project which aims to accomplish the Smart Factory through the use of a cyber-physical system (CPS), the leading paradigm of Industry 4.0, across six demonstrators representative of the Lombard manufacturing industry. ICT technologies are integrated into components, machines and environments to create an inter-communicating, intelligent CPS. The project was conceived within the Smart & Additive Manufacturing Working Group of the Lombardy Intelligent Factory Association and was co-financed by Lombardy Region through European funds POR FESR 2014 / 2020 under the call "Bando Accordi per la ricerca e l’innovazione", for a total value of € 6.5 million. The project was launched in March 2017 and will end in June 2020.

Our major contribution is the development of an industrial IoT platform, which enables the collection and the analysis of machine parameters for predictive maintenance purposes in the context of Smart4CPPS Pilot-3 dedicated to "Increase smart machine performance from big data analysis". TXT has a successful track record of large factory digitalization projects – to find out more, please visit our Digital Manufacturing sections!

The Smart4CPPS approach

The digital transformation paradigm is explored in six demonstrators looking at different technological fields which deliver the enabling technologies for Industry 4.0:

  • Advanced sensors
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Software simulation
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Advanced mechatronics
Project partners
Project Lead

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