Opportunity for students

TXT has always been interested in the university realm. Our goal is to find fresh talented people to enrich our team.

Our interaction with the students’ world has a multifaceted approach: TXT takes part in recruiting sessions at universities and high schools all around the world, where our HR and technical staff highlight the opportunities available and offer you the chance to submit your resume.

Whether through an internship or the completion of a final thesis: At TXT you’ll gain valuable experience while working with and learning from our team members. You will be able to collect unique insights into our processes and the way we work, benefit from the knowledge exchange in our interdisciplinary teams, and get an idea of what makes us so successful.

While working with us, you will be given the opportunity to complete your own assignments and we welcome and value any new approaches or fresh ideas you can bring to the company.
We consider your stay with us a great opportunity to get to know each other and helping you to start building your career – after all, some of our current employees have joined TXT through an internship,  bachelor's or master's thesis and then continue working with us.

TXT also offer you great opportunities to have an international experience. Are you driven and do you have a thirst for life? Are you eager for knowledge and new experiences? Working abroad in TXT is a great opportunity for advancement, and when you grab it with both hands, you show your willingness to overcome challenges.  Working in a new country will force you to be more resourceful and independent than you need to be in your home country, opening your mind to new cultures, customs and creative ideas. TXT’s global footprint gives you the perfect opportunity to work in an international setting from our 2 HQs in Italy and German to USA, France, Switzerland, UK.

If you are ready to participate in ambitious projects we are waiting to hear from you.


TXT Training Academy

TXT thinks training is a very important way of finding new talent, so TXT organizes a Training Academy.

TXT training Academy aims to train dynamic young people who want to learn and get involved in an international context in engineering areas in continuous growth such as aerospace, automotive and banking areas.

The course is aimed at graduates or undergraduates in all engineering and scientific faculties. The course is divided in to 2 parts:

  • 1 month class with lecturers specialized in different topics at the same office.
  • 2 months of on-the-job training with the Project Managers of the designated area at the same locations.

TXT will give all students a certification at the end of the course and the best participants will be hired.
If you want to challenge yourself please send us your application.

In view of future job opportunities, we are always interested in evaluating the curricula vitae of young graduates and expert profiles to join our group.

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