• PACE User Conference
    PACEdays 2020 goes virtual
    Same date, different space: Join us Oct 6-7 to connect with the Pacelab community and share our vision of digitally transforming the aerospace and aviation industries.
  • #GreenAviation #PacelabFPO
    Destination: Greener skies
    Sinking greenhouse gas levels have made headlines during the coronavirus lockdown, inspiring us to redouble our efforts to make air transport more eco-efficient.
    New horizons for Artificial Intelligence
    TXT has been awarded by the European Commission with two multi-year projects in the AI field
    SA.F.ER: business continuity during Covid-19 outbreak
    TXT launches an end-to-end platform to enhance workers’ and guests’ safety within production environments and workplaces.
  • NEWS
    We continue to invest in FinTech
    TXT increases its solutions portfolio investing in an innovative start-up for the Supply Chain Finance market.


+++ Comunicazione COVID-19

Con riferimento ai recenti sviluppi sulla situazione coronavirus in Italia, il Gruppo TXT conferma che continuerà a operare regolarmente. Il Gruppo TXT dispone di solidi presidi di continuità aziendale per garantire la sicurezza e la gestione ordinata delle proprie attività e ha implementato una serie di policy per la protezione dei propri clienti e dipendenti e per contribuire alla limitazione della diffusione del coronavirus (COVID-19).


Advanced engineering software solutions

TXT e-solutions is an international, specialized provider of engineering software solutions supporting customers in high-tech markets in their mission- and business-critical core processes and throughout their product lifecycles. TXT is based in Milan and has subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the USA.

Explore our comprehensive software and services portfolio to find the solutions you need to make your business more efficient and technologically competitive.

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Aerospace & Aviation

Product development, customer engineering, manufacturing and aircraft operations

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Industrial & Automotive

Digital Manufacturing & Smart Engineering

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Solutions for the digital financial market

Stock Information

TXT e-solutions has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange - STAR segment (TXT.MI) - since July 2000 and reports transparently on financial results to all stakeholders. You can get the latest information about TXT's overall performance in the market in our Financial Reports section


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News & Events
Oct 06
PACEdays 2020 Conference & user group meeting
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Join us online on October 6-7 for PACE's virtual conference & user group meeting to learn about our products and get to know the Pacelab community.

Nov 10
Global Airline Training & Simulation Summit
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Join us online at the Global Airline Training & Simulation Summit on 10-12 November 2020!

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