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    TXT acquires Cheleo S.r.l.
    With the acquisition of Cheleo, an Italian company specializing in the design and development of products and services for the lifecycle management of financing by financial and banking intermediaries, TXT extended its portfolio of software solutions with an innovative product suite.
  • PACEdays 2018
    Preliminary agenda online
    We are pleased to announce keynotes by Andrew Byron and Stephanie Hodgson, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, on "A method for implementing the digital thread with Pacelab Cabin", and by Finnair on the "Introduction of Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer on A350".
    Meet us at the EATS
    The European Airline Training Symposium goes Madrid! See us on November 6-7 at booth 2 for the latest in virtual training software for flight and maintenance crew.
  • Release spotlight
    Pacelab Mission Suite 6.8 out now
    The latest release of our one-stop solution for route and aircraft economic analysis comes with new and updated features, including the option to calculate route networks with Cost Index speeds.


TXT - Strategic software and solutions

TXT e-solutions is an international, specialized provider of engineering software solutions supporting customers in high-tech markets in their core mission-critical and business-critical processes and throughout their product lifecycles. TXT is based in Milan and has subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and USA.

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Aerospace & Aviation

Product development, customer engineering, manufacturing and aircraft operations

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Automotive & Transport

On-board software and systems

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Banking & Finance

Independent testing, verification and validation of core applications and software quality services

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New Augmented Reality

Internal start-up for AR applications in other industrial and service sectors

Stock Information

TXT e-solutions has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange - STAR segment (TXT.MI) - since July 2000 and reports transparently on financial results to all stakeholders. You can get the latest information about TXT's overall performance in the market in our Financial Reports section


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