Innovative solutions for the management of cards, vouchers and other payment instruments

Withinh our FinTech offering we propose a set of proprietary platform and specilized services for Issuers of different digital payment instruments included cards, vouchers and other innovative e-commerce solutions.

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   -  Assiopay: Innovative solutions for payments, vouchers and POS/terminal management;

   -  Software development & Testing specialized support

Specialized solutions for payments, meal vouchers, loyalty programs and POS/terminal management

We are focused in providing the market with innovative digital solutions for payments and for the management of different transactions related to meal vouchers, loyalty/fidelity programs and other e-commerce operations. Our solutions are available for POS, Smart POS (Android) or offered through web and e-commerce applications as value-added IOS / Android apps for smart devices.

Our offering relies on a proprietary gateway and on an open platform that allows Solution Providers to enable and manage their proposals in an efficient and smart way. By leveraging our market knowledge and experienced software factory dedicated to innovative solutions for payments and digital transactions, we are partner of choice for the development of software and Apps tailored for Banks, Financial Institutions, Service Providers, Large-scale Distributors, Retailers.

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iBP: Innovative, Multi-issuer Meal Voucher Platform

Our solution for the spending of electronic & paper meal vouchers, also through your mobile app.


FCMS: Fidelity Card Management System

Our solution for the smart management of loyalty programs and fidelity card.


ATMS: Assiopay Terminal Management System

Innovative system for the management of digital services provided through terminals.


Innovative ‘One-size-fits-all' App

Our solution fits all the different vouchers issued by different Issuers


Simplified service management

Smart & innovative management of newly issued cards and evolving services


Voucher loss & theft risk mitigation

Real-time monitoring and authenticity check of paper and electronic meal vouchers


Service Management & Customization

Smart & remote management of services provided through one unique App


Quick, real-time accounting

Maximize the efficiency of treasury and cash flows with our innovative solution

Software Development & Quality Services

We support customers in the financial sector in developing quality software and defining strategies and testing processes, with the aim of improving the quality of the applications released, even if developed by third parties. Our teams have a consolidated experience in banking and financial core processes and IT applications and a strong methodological competence that allows to support organizations in the management and optimization of the development of web/mobile applications and software quality process.

The Group Quality Assurance Center is a structure dedicated to the financial world, whose focus is on optimizing IT quality and alignment with the business. Through a model of measurement and control of the IT risk, we guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the information systems.

The work is carried out by specialists in possession of ISTQB certifications and deep knowledge of the main market and open source technology platforms, through which customers are supported to achieve the highest software quality in all their projects, being then carried out using waterfall and agile methods.


Software development

Today dematerialization, virtualization, disintermediation, mobility are some of the key words widely used in the business plans of different entities and that make software applications leading actors in the developing of different businesses, from production to delivery, from management to organization, from internal communication to customer relations; in this context, application development acquires an increasingly strategic role, requiring increasing levels of quality and effectiveness at the adequate cost.

30+ years of experience in the financial, telco and logistic sectors make of TXT Group the ideal partner for companies looking for agile and effective solutions to develop their business with reliable, performing and scalable application solutions and quality software, leveraging on strong skills in web/mobile applications design and strong synergies with software quality assurance proven specialized know-how.

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Software quality & Testing strategy

As first mover & Italian leader in Software Quality services for Italian Banking Industry, in the current evolving environment we have developed an envolving, bast-un-class range of testing strategies for different needs:

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Independent Verification & Validation

Software verification & validation is defined as a system engineering methodology aimed to ensure that quality is "built into" the software during development. TXT Group offers a proven experience in IV&V, providing a large team dedicated to IV&V activities for different markets and wide-ranging knowledge of several tools and suites including open source ones.

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