Taking airborne software from concept to certification

Combining in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry, of the production process of mission-critical applications and of the associated regulatory constraints, our experts take care of OEMs’ and first-tier suppliers’ software development, letting them focus on product innovation and design instead.

We can provide expert resources to extend your existing skill set and surge capacity for peak times to give you more flexibility, help you maximize quality and efficiency and bring down delivery times.

Our strong engineering background, full understanding of avionic and military standards and our continuous investment in innovation enable us to bring a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to airborne software development, which continually applies the most advanced technologies and processes.

With our ISO and CMMI-audited quality and process management, strong safety culture and security clearance, we are able to deliver both classified and non-classified activities on your premises or nearshore.

    Full-service software development for airborne systems

    • Design and development of real-time airborne software such as mission and flight management systems
    • Independent verification and validation of mission-critical software
    • Maintenance and upgrades of customized and in-house software
    • System engineering and integration services
    • Embedded software rehosting for engineering testing, training systems and flight simulators
    • Agile development of EFB and cabin crew applications

    A dedicated framework supporting the software production process

    • Ready-to-use software assets and pre-packaged solutions
    • Virtual emulators for cockpit and test benches
    • Automatic test tools and interfaces for test benches
    • Collaborative environments to support the qualification process

    Professional avionic certification support

    • Get help during all the necessary steps to obtain a DO-178C certification: planning, development, verification and support activities
    • Define, implement or improve DO-178C processes for single-core and multi-core platform
    • Choose the best approach for your software development cycle (model-based or object-oriented)
    • Make the most of automation by re-using your company’s existing toolchain
    • Define the verification processes and plan the best development of your ARINC 653 architecture
    • Train the employees to be aware of safety and security risks
    •  Knowledge transfer: learn how to go through the process and obtain a DO-178C certification by yourself
    •  Support in front of the authorities (SOI)

    A strong performance history

    Our reputation is built on a long-term commitment to our customers and a successful track record of airborne applications for several aircraft, fixed and rotary wing, civil and military.

    • 30+ years in the business
    • Flexible support remotely or on site
    • Thousands of aircraft currently operating with TXT engineered software
    • Dozens of test benches with TXT engineered software inside
    • Certified quality including EN-9100 and CMMI Level 3