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Engineering Process
Preliminary Design & Evaluation

Accurate projections of aircraft characteristics and performance

Being able to reliably predict the characteristics and behavior of a given aircraft configuration is an important pillar of decision-making processes throughout the aircraft's lifecycle. 

Up to 80% of the total lifecycle cost of highly engineered products are decided in the early design stages, so getting it right from the beginning is vital to the overall development success, leading to better, more innovative products. Our software solutions for preliminary design mitigate technological risks, support investment decisions and reduce time to market. They relieve design experts from non-value adding activities giving them the freedom to explore a wider range of alternative concepts, also off the beaten track.

Our aircraft analysis and evaluation tools deliver information on the route-specific performance of alternative aircraft types based on complex trade-offs between aircraft size, maximum flight range and detailed passenger-cargo layout. This gives aircraft sales and marketing teams, airline fleet planners and strategic flight planners a detailed insight into how their candidates or competitor products fare in specific, real-world operational scenarios.



Pacelab APD on tablet screen

Preliminary aircraft design

With a heavy increase in air traffic expected for the next few decades, aircraft and engine manufacturers are looking to give their products a substantial revamp. In the race for innovation, preliminary design and optimization capabilities play a critical role paving the way for new and emerging technologies such as electric or hybrid-electric propulsion systems.

Our preliminary aircraft design platform Pacelab APD allows evaluating alternative aircraft configurations in terms of performance, economics and technical risk and helps assess the impact of technological innovations early in the design process.

Your benefits

  • Save time to evaluate a wider range of design alternatives with fast, easy setup of aircraft configurations
  • Reliably predict key aircraft characteristics based on an extensible set of analysis methods
  • Identify optimal configurations among design candidates through multidisciplinary optimization & trade-offs
  • Capitalize on corporate IP and IT investments by integrating proprietary methods & commercial analysis tools
  • Promote creative cooperation and cross-pollination across various disciplines
  • Future-proof your design process with a fully extensible, scalable software solution
Pacelab SysArc application window on laptop screen

Systems architecture design

Aircraft systems are key drivers of innovation in aircraft design and heavily influence overall mass, fuel consumption, operating costs and reliability.

Our systems architecture design software Pacelab SysArc supports investigations at the aircraft level, which minimizes the risk of design inconsistencies or unforeseen behavior in the integration phase. Delivering instant feedback on the global impact, costs and benefits of architectural alternatives, Pacelab SysArc provides a reliable framework for assessing new technologies and making investment or development decisions.

Your benefits

  • Optimize system architectures globally in a fully fledged aircraft design environment
  • Increase productivity with pre-built system component libraries and auto-routing/-sizing of cables, pipes or ducts
  • Get a 360° view of system architectures in the three-dimensional geometry of the aircraft
  • Identify the critical sizing conditions with flight condition and failure mode analysis
  • Monitor impact on aircraft mass, CG and mission performance
Pacelab Suite on tablet screen

Other industries and engineering domains

State-of-the-art preliminary design software offers benefits for all industries dealing with complex highly engineered products.

Our generic design platform Pacelab Suite provides a comprehensive set of predefined capabilities for multidisciplinary product development, which can be easily extended with domain- or research-specific functionality to support individual use cases. Its modular architecture ensures that customized implementations do not come at the expense of upgradeability.

Cases in point are our Pacelab Suite-based products Pacelab APD for preliminary aircraft design and Pacelab SysArc for systems architecture design.

Your benefits

  • Leverage the power of a robust industry-proven design platform for product modeling, sizing and optimization
  • Benefit from a time-efficient, generative approach which enables a wider exploration of the design space
  • Customize analysis scope and fidelity by integrating domain-specific methods and optimization algorithms
  • Boost team productivity with intuitive, task-specific menus, dialogs and views
  • Adapt your analysis environment to the engineering task at hand by interfacing with virtually any software
  • Profit from technological and methodological innovations through regular platform updates
Pacelab Mission Suite on tablet screen

Aircraft route & economics analysis

When comparing the performance of different aircraft or assessing the economic viability of route network extensions or modifications, it is essential to maintain a global perspective and a level playing field – no mean feat in the scattered landscape of legacy applications, in-house developments and office software typically available in aircraft marketing or fleet planning departments.

Pacelab Mission Suite is the only commercially available analysis tool which brings together aircraft definition, aircraft performance and cost investigations in a single environment and delivers reliable projections of key metrics such as payload capacity, maximum range and direct operating cost.

Your benefits

  • Accurately project aircraft performance on specific routes
  • Analyze different aircraft in the same realistic operational scenarios
  • Fully explore the extension or optimization potential of route networks
  • Trade off technical, operational and economic parameters
  • Streamline the aircraft selection processes
  • Record and present analysis results in state-of-the-art media
Pacelab Route Network Analyzer on tablet screen

Aircraft performance & cost analysis for mobile devices

The expertise required to advise airline customers on the best aircraft option for their specific operational requirements and strategic goals is immense, and embedding this knowledge into every salesperson in the field is all but impossible. At the same time, in the highly competitive world of aircraft sales, a professional, accurate and persuasive presentation of the product portfolio can make a tangible difference.

With pre-qualified selections and an intuitive, visual approach, the Pacelab Route Network Analyzer app enables aircraft manufacturers’ sales teams to provide excellent customer service and technical guidance without having to call upon engineering experts in the back office.

Your benefits

  • Enables a highly visual product configuration and analysis process
  • Provides a comprehensive set of aircraft models complete with different weight and cabin variants
  • Comes with pre-qualified selections and operational scenarios
  • Allows cloud-based access to updated product information (performance data, product options, layout variants, etc.)
  • Supports benchmarks of up to three aircraft (single route, payload-range, wind-impacted range circles)
  • Presents analysis results in easy-to-interpret, interactive charts

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