About Cheleo - a TXT company

The solutions offered by the Cheleo Suite fit the most sophisticated requests in terms of accounting policies for the management of cash flows generated by the financing activities of financial and banking intermediaries, allowing to control the performance of each product, in real time. The Cheleo Suite is compliant with the latest regulations and since 25+ years is a trusted partner of the main players within Consumer credit & NPL markets.    

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Italian leader for NPL & Consumer credit management

Cheleo - a TXT company - is the Italian specialist in the field of design and development of products and services for the life cycle management of financing by financial and banking intermediaries: preliminary investigations, credit management and collection, disposal of credit packages, both “performing” and “non-performing”. The types of financing covered by our suite are: leasing, loans, salary-backed loans, factoring and Non Performing Loans (NPL).

With 15+ years experinece in the financial market, Cheleo is recognised as specilized provider of software solutions for the management of the financing; We provde our customers with best-in-class solutions and technical support... since the release of our first financial software, our goal has always been the satisfaction of our customers.

We provide specialized solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the financial markets, leveraging on technologies and specilized technical competenies to promote the access and use of information and data.

Our mission is to create value for our customers by designing, developing and selling high-tech applications and services for the financing markets. 

Cheleo Suite: Our Proprietary Solution

Best-in-class software solutions for the management of financing and Non Performing Loans (NPL), designed for financial and banking intermediaries.

The Cheleo Suite is build on vericat, web-based software modules and offers the following solutions:



Bruno Roma

Head of Solutions for Consumer credit & NPL management

Co-Founder/Chairman of Cheleo - a TXT company


Flavio Minari

Head of Solutions for Consumer credit & NPL management

Co-Founder/Managing Director of Cheleo - a TXT company