Our innovative digital solutions to facilitate working capital financing


TXT Working Capital Solutions is a Fintech company operating in the Supply Chain Finance segment, in which the company can ensure huge competences and a very high know-how.

TXT Working Capital Solutions has the mission of contributing to the evolution of companies' working capital financing techniques, providing digital solutions based on process engineering and collaboration between companies and financial partners.

In this context, TXT Working Capital Solutions offers the innovative service of its collaborative SCF platform, Polaris, designed for the management of support and financing programs for the supply chains of big companies. Within the TXT Group, the company contributes to the development of the offer of Fintech products and solutions.

For TXT, the Fintech market is a very favourable environment in which technological solutions and traditional methods can work together in order to provide new services and solutions characterized by:


Paperless’ processes supported by digital reviews, such as KYC, identification, identity and security


Operational know how inside the digital processes


Natively digital user experience


Lower operating costs


Easy horizontal integration between different IT environments


Long-term customer relationships

Goal and risk-sharing, focus on their challenges, being part of their value chain


Continuous innovation & improvement

Invest in R&I, provide customers with technology transfer & business-improving ideas


Consistently high quality

Adhere to high standards of excellence and adopt industry best practices


Full transparency & accountability

Convey truthful & comprehensive information to all our stakeholders & the public

Polaris, what it is:

Polaris is a digital platform that enables the Buyer to adopt a centralized management of his Supply Chain Finance Programs and to strength the partnership with his Suppliers and his Financial Partners.

Specifically, it allows:

  • A longer time-windows for the repayment of commercial debt from the Buyer thanks to new agreements with his Suppliers;
  • A real debts’ trade market where Suppliers can freely exchange their credit with the Financial Partners that have joined the platform;
  • A wider group of suppliers that can access this kind of solutions thanks to the reengineered processes and integration service offered by Polaris;
  • The expansion of the number and type of financial partners that can intervene in support of the supply chain, thanks to the fact that Polaris manages the entire operational process for them.

For whom Polaris is suitable:



Mainly big size companies with a great credit capacity and operating with huge and diversified supply chain



Any Suppliers of an involved Buyer can be interested into Polaris; suggested for annual trade volume > € 50k


Financial Partners

Traditional & Non-traditional Financial Partners as banks, investment funds, family office

Benefits for Buyers

Polaris offers several innovative benefits for the Buyers, mainly big size companies with a great credit capacity and that are operating with huge and diversified supply chain:

  • Extend the life of your commercial debt, without turning it into a financial debt;
  • To offer suppliers the opportunity to finance their trade receivables at the best possible conditions and without continuity constraints;
  • Maintain control over the use of your credit capacity in support of suppliers;
  • Avoid dependence on the technological solutions of individual financial partners.

Benefits for Suppliers

Polaris offers the following advantages for Suppliers:

  • Finance their receivables vs the Buyer without "consuming" his own creditworthiness;
  • Avoid solutions that constrain the Supplier to transfer its receivables to a specific bank on an ongoing basis.

Any Supplier of a involved Buyer can be interested into Polaris. However, the management of supplier with a trade volume lower than 50.000€ in a year can be more expensive respect to other available solutions such as the credit card.

Benefits for Financial Partners

Polaris offers several advantages to different Funders, both traditional Financial Partners as Banks specialized in trade finance & Factors and non-traditional Financial Partners as non-specilized Banks, Investment Funds and Family Office:

  • Finance the supply chain assuming only the Buyer risk, with higher average returns;
  • Operate on the trade finance market even without specific skills and products;
  • Operate on client clusters that are difficult or impossible to reach individually;
  • Take advantage of a secondary market space in which the commercial credits purchased from the buyers can be easily exchanged.

What’s new?


Polaris was created to expand the Supply Chain Finance market, making possible to involve more Suppliers than traditional solutions (in the example shown in the graph, about 900 Suppliers potentially involved, compared to less than 40).

At the same time, Polaris lets other operators to intervene to support the market, taking charge of a centralized and digital management of onboarding and contractual formalization processes on behalf of all members and making available to lenders a secondary market space where it is possible to exchange the purchased receivables.

SAP integration:

The integration with the accounting systems of the Buyer is a fundamental aspect for the operation of the marketplace platform. With this in mind, Polaris has developed a software module to manage integration between SAP systems, based on the Idoc communication protocol and the use of the SAP instance of the TXT Group as a «bridge» between TXT SAP and the SAP of the Buyer. This allows to automate all massive interaction processes, reducing manual tasks.

The integration module allows to define at parametric level the relevant entities for communication with the marketplace and creates a dashboard to pilot the extraction of suppliers and invoices.

Moreover, the integration module manages a series of two-way communication flows. The marketplace flows where Buyers directly give the input to start the internal SAP processes (payment processes or accrued interest accruals accounting processes).


It is an innovative and flexible tool that focuses both on Buyers and Banks' critical needs


It is a solution that can widen the size and the efficiency of SCF Programs, involving new players


It is a solution that relies on a digital collaboration and integration paradigm



It is a Made in Italy tool in an environment in which most of the solutions are coming from USA


Tool’s implementation, its management, maintenance and improvement are managed by a single specialized entity


There is a solid group behind: it is a product of the TXT Group, a solid, listed Italian digital company


Throughout the night the North Star dominates the sky while the other visible stars move around her. 

It is the star that guides travelers, explorers, who goes beyond known borders to find new roads, to become a better version of itself.

And this is what we want to be: the reference point, the optimal choice for those are looking for the perfect partner in the turbulent world of Working Capital.

Our management team for the Supply Chain Finance market:


Francesco Sacchi

Head of solutions for the Supply Chain Finance market

Founder/CEO of TXT Working Capital Solutions


Francesco Sacchi has been working inside the Factoring and Financing Working Capital Segment since the 1983, with a deep experience into the main Italian and European Companies such as Ifitalia, Mediofactoring, Eurofactor. During his managerial career he has directly managed most of the production and governance processes typical of these financial companies.. He was Coordinator of Assifact Legal Committee on several occasion and he had a seat into the Council and Executive Committee of the Association from 2005 to 2008. He coordinated the working groups responsible to preparing the position of Assifact concerning all relevant regulatory developments (introduction of prudential supervision, central risk, transparency, privacy, financial usury, VAT, Basel 2, application of IAS/Ifrs accounting standards). He contributed to the start-up of Eurofactor Italy and Sace Fct. Since 2009 he has been dedicated to advisory activities, mainly aimed at financial operators, through FS2A. In the last years he has turned to the review of production processes in digital logic and the design of digital applications for the financial sector. He is the creator of Polaris platform and the founder of TXT Working Capital Solutions.