A new risk approach

We offer a set of specilized solutions for the risk assesment on financing terrorism, corruption, money laundering and more: Our comprehensive platform aims to meet the needs of all the entities as Bank institutions, Insurance companies, Public entities, Governments and all those who are subject to the AML European and national legislation.

Each solution, although designed and tailored according to the needs of customer and the related activity carried out, is based on a highly flexible basic platform, 

FARADAY ™, which allows users to manage different types of data and support the calculation of risk in various areas.

FARADAY: an AI based solution for Risk Management & AML


Save up to 70% on your compliance costs: Our new, innovative platform has changed the risk approach allowing Banks, Payment institutions, Insurances and Public Entities to be compliant and responsive to Corruption, Money Laundering and other regulations by saving money and time.

The FARADAY platform combines the specilized technical know-how in risk management with innovative technologies as machine learning algorithms to offer best-in-class solutions.


Anti-Money Laundering







FARADAY.80: SaaS for Public Sector & Public Tender Compliance

The new regulations oblige Public Entities to go through complex and expensive compliance processes that impact cost plans and efficiency.

We have developed a new software module for our FARADAY platform designed to be responsive with the compliance needs of Public Entities and Governments, by managing all the processes from risk assesment to the preparation and forwarding of reports.

Discover more and try our new solutions; contact our experts in compliance and risk management to understand your best choice.


Our Risk Management & AML management team:


Michele Martini

Head of Risk Management & AML Solutions

Co-Founder/CEO of TXT Risk Solutions 


Mario Turla

Head of Risk Management & AML Solutions

Co-Founder/CEO of TXT Risk Solutions 

About TXT Risk Solutions

The company is a "Reg Tech" founded in 2016 by Mario Turla and Michele Martini, two professionals with a long experience in the IT sector of leading financial institutions. TXT Risk Solutions has created and commercializes risk assessment solutions based on predictive probabilistic models using Machine Learning and AI techniques, which can be integrated and customized according to customer needs. The platform created is called FARADAY and is based on a paradigm shift ("see the set and not only the single"), focusing on the subjects connected to each other, to highlight the strong and weak links on the cluster. FARADAY is used in the daily activities that bank operators put in place to face the "real" risk and offers these effective tools to support decisions, making the system more efficient.