Digital solutions as unique as your business

Each journey toward digital transformation is unique in its challenges and paths, which is why we create bespoke software solutions reflecting your individual business operations and goals. We also provide comprehensive production consulting services assessing your current infrastructure, technologies, operational processes and policies to set you on the optimum innovation path from the very beginning. As experienced system integrators, we will be there to support you all the way making sure everything runs smoothly with your data and IT environment.


Discover our end to end platform to ensure business continuity and enhanced  workers’ and guests’ safety within production environments and workplaces. TXT, together with the management consulting company HSPI, created SA.F.ER, our Safe Facility Environment platform that ensures business continuity to companies during the COVID-19 outbreak, as mandatory to restart activities in a safer way. SA.F.ER is based on 4 building blocks:

  • People & Organizations
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Privacy, GDPR & Legal Compliance
  • Technology solutions

4 notions about digital transformation

With every new technology excitedly hailed as the “Next Big Thing”, it’s easy to dismiss digital transformation as another overhyped IT trend designed to generate technology sales. We believe it’s important to look beyond the hype to appreciate an important paradigm shift that is affecting all businesses, small and large. The following notions illustrate our key convictions about digital transformation, which are at the core of our customer relationships.


It's more than a buzzword.

When it comes to digital transformation, the question is no longer if or why. It’s HOW.


It's not just about technology.

Technology is the driver, but it's vital to look at production processes in a holistic way.


It benefits companies of all shapes & sizes.

Agile small and mid-sized companies are especially well-suited for digital transformation.


Each transformation path is unique.

"One solution fits all" is not an effective answer to a highly individual set of challenges.


Are you ready to transform your manufacturing process?

We support the manufacturing and assembly process with digital manufacturing solutions that combine in-depth business knowledge, state-of-the-art software technologies and customer-proven methodologies. Our solutions address the complex challenges encountered by ICT experts, industrial and manufacturing engineers as well as planning, production and maintenance departments in key areas including:

Smart Engineering

Smart Engineering

  • Companies are beginning to use digital factory as incubators of more agile ways of working
  • CAD Methodologies, PLM and Collaboration Desktop Solutions
Digital factory

Digital factory

A catalyst for more agile ways of working, higher productivity/ automation and improved process control.

Download flyer "TXT Digital Factory" (PDF)

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Aggregated and real-time data for more informed decision-making around manufacturing processes.

Download flyer "TXT IoT for Manufacturing" (PDF)

Data analytics

Data analytics

Data-driven identification and elimination of inefficient practices and unresolved or undetected problems.

Download flyer "TXT Analytics for Manufacturing" (PDF)

VR, AR and MR

VR, AR and MR

Streamlined building processes at the factory, improved product quality & reduced maintenance or training costs.

More about mixed reality

Quiet champions: Why leading companies rely on our solutions


With 30+ years of experience in the field and having successfully completed factory digitalization projects for large civil and military aircraft manufacturers as well as other high-tech industries, our expertise and deliverables are on par with those of larger IIoT solution providers.

But: we achieve them with smaller, more agile teams who see customers through their digital transformation processes working at their sites and learning about their needs first hand.

We offer more direct communications, greater availability and a more personal understanding of your requirements – get in touch today and see for yourself!

Shaping the future of manufacturing

We have a long history of engaging with international industry and research organizations to drive technological innovation. Our current research activities include:

  • Development of an IIoT platform integrating automatic component warehouse, picking robot, MES and ERP to automate kit preparation for EMBRAER.
    FASTEN Manufacturing
  • Development of an IIoT platform (in cloud & on premises) to collect process data and identify machine wear for predictive maintenance at CAVAGNA.
  • Innovating the development of a new generation of tiltrotors, optimizing flight missions and improving design choices with AI algorithms, data analysis and correlations.
Wing assembly at Évora, Portugal. Image via FASTEN Manufacturing/Documents.

Still undecided? Let's talk!

We love hearing your questions and concerns! Whether you're unsure where to start your digital transformation journey or whether you're are looking for an experienced partner – we're here to help you develop a clear picture of how to:

  • Overcome challenges and barriers to digital transformation
  • Improve your operational performance and efficiency
  • Reduce costs and re-shape your business models, products and services
  • Transform your production data into actionable insights

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Stronger together

We forge strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors and software providers, which enable us to increase the value we deliver to you and to continuously bring innovative ideas to your business. See all partnerships