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Pacelab ACE myCabin

The industry standard in aircraft and cabin configuration

As key drivers of the overall customer experience, the layout and design of passenger cabins and the associated service and comfort levels are crucial to maintaining airlines’ brand equity and profitability. The biggest challenge in finding the perfect configuration lies in successfully navigating the formidable number of aircraft options and certification requirements.

New name, same market-leading features: "Pacelab Cabin" is now "myCabin"

As the world’s first commercial aircraft and cabin configuration software, Pacelab Cabin was a game-changer. Renamed "myCabin", the software continues to provide the most comprehensive, reliable and transparent decision-making support available as an integral part of our cloud-based aircraft configuration platform Pacelab ACE.

How You Can Benefit
Vector icon for "Optimize cabin space".

Optimize every inch of cabin space for revenue and/or comfort

Vector icon for "Forecast and comparison".

Accurately forecast and compare seat capacity, PAX/trolley ratio and other key metrics

Vector icon for "High quality and technical feasibility".

Improve layout quality and maintain technical feasibility

Vector icon for "Short development circles".

Minimize number of iterations and track product evolution

Vector icon for "Streamline communication".

Streamline communication between process stakeholders

What Our Customers Say
Key Features
  • Viable product options or packages presented in intuitive, custom-branded catalog
  • Fast, rule-driven LOPA setup and optimization
  • Detailed monument and systems configuration
  • Real-time FAR/JAR compliance checks
  • High-end 3D visualization
  • Fully customizable sales deliverables and production outputs
  • Seamless integration with CAD and PLM systems
  • Optional: Concurrent collaboration capabilities and server-based configurations with the Aircraft Configuration Server

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