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PACE becomes Unity Verified Solutions Partner

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BERLIN/MILAN, 19 January 2020 – PACE, a TXT company, announced today that it is now a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. Being a Verified Solutions Partner means that the company's flagship product for extended reality (XR) training, Pacelab WEAVR, has been verified by Unity (NYSE: U) to ensure its SDK is optimized for the latest version of the Unity editor, ensuring compatibility and a seamless user experience. Pacelab WEAVR is a fully scalable XR software platform that enables any company, in any industry, to develop and manage immersive training programs. As part of the partnership agreement, Unity will resell the Pacelab WEAVR XR training solution.

"We are thrilled to become a Unity Verified Solutions Partner," said Josh Swanson, Head of Extended Reality at PACE. "We have designed Pacelab WEAVR completely around Unity's real-time 3D development platform. This partnership will take our product to the next level, with greater exposure, meaning more people will have access to next-generation training."

Pacelab WEAVR offers a complete solution for industrial-scale XR training, consisting of three primary product modules which provide companies with everything needed to create, implement and manage extended reality training in-house:

  • An intuitive authoring tool that requires no programing skills and significantly simplifies the creation of XR content ("WEAVR Creator")

  • A learners’ hub that allows students to easily access and launch training content on the device of their choice, from desktop PCs and notebooks to mobile devices and AR/VR headsets ("WEAVR Player")

  • A web portal for collaboration, remote instruction, reporting and managing the overall extended reality platform ("WEAVR Manager")

Immersive interactive training is a form of experiential learning, or learning-by-doing, which has proved to be the most effective way of acquiring and retaining procedural knowledge and technical skills, significantly enhancing not only recall and retention but also overall user engagement. Organizations providing on-demand, device-agnostic training resources to train alone or in groups, with or without instructor guidance, can also greatly reduce the need for employee travel and/or costly physical training equipment.


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About PACE – a TXT company

Founded in 1995, PACE has built a reputation for developing trail-blazing software products for the global aerospace and aviation industry. As part of TXT e-solutions, PACE advances customers' digital transformation with off-the-shelf solutions for preliminary aircraft & systems design, product configuration, aircraft analysis & evaluation, flight operations and extended reality training.

TXT e-solutions is an international, specialized provider of advanced software solutions supporting customers in high-tech markets in their mission- and business-critical core processes and throughout their product lifecycles. Headquartered in Milan, TXT is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and has subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

For more information visit www.pace.de and www.pacelabweavr.com

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