Feb 23

Pacelab APD & SysArc chosen for project Neumann


PACE and its proprietary product Pacelab APD & SysArc to be part of Neumann, a pan-European project that will drive towards competitive novel propulsion and energy systems for future air dominance. 

  • PACE has been selected as partner of the Neumann project, co-funded and promoted by the European Commission under the European Defence Programme (EDF) in partnership with leading companies like Avio Aero (coordinator), Leonardo, Saab and GKN;
  • PACE will participate to the Neumann consortium, leading the activities on the creation of a digital integration framework for the aircraft modelling tools leveraging on its Pacelab APD & Pacelab SysArc;
  • The European defence sector will benefit from Pacelab APD & SysArc and the digital integration framework, by providing the next generation air combat systems improved military air platform engine performance, improved energy efficiency, increased energy generation both propulsive and non-propulsive.

Berlin, 23 February 2023 - With more than 25 years of history in the market and its offer of proprietary applications for aircraft preliminary design (i.e., Pacelab APD & SysArc), aircraft interior configuration, flight profile optimization and extended reality training, Pace has proved to be an international market player and partner of choice for leading aerospace and aviation companies. Given such expertise, PACE, a TXT Group company, has been selected as member of the Neumann consortium, which was awarded under the European Defence Fund programme (EDF) to contribute to the future European strategic autonomy and help closing the gap with fighter technology and capability being developed by other countries. The main focus of the Neumann project is to develop a new suite of advanced technologies for energy and propulsion that can be applied in a modular and flexible way to different sizes and types of next generation air combat systems, with a particular emphasis on optimizing the management of energy available on board, both propulsive and non-propulsive. These advancements will benefit the defense sector worldwide, contributing to the development of next generation air combat systems with improved energy efficiency and enhanced military air platform engine performance. 

The project is co-funded by the EDF programme of the European Union under grant agreement number 101103504, and coordinated by Avio Aero. The project consortium of 37 partners plus 3 affiliated entities based in 12 EU Member States including major leading companies like Leonardo, Saab and GKN and leading research institution like Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, CIRA (Italy), Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan and Malardalens Universitet (Sweden), Von Karman Institute For Fluid Dynamics (Belgium).

Fabio Ortalli, Managing Director of PACE, says: “It is a great opportunity for us to be part of such a visionary consortium and drive the implementation of the digital platform leveraging on our deep expertise in Aircraft Preliminary Design and leveraging on our product suite which will be further enhanced thanks to the collaboration with the other project partners”. Michele Sesana, TXT Group Innovation Manager, adds ‘It is important 
for us to enforce our strategic positioning as leading innovation company and European Defence Funds are a perfect opportunity to look beyond the state of the art and support our medium/long term innovation strategy”.

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Notes to editor:

PACE Aerospace & IT, founded in 1995, has built a reputation for developing trail-blazing software products, which took us from university spin-off to international market player and partner of choice for leading aerospace and aviation companies. As part of TXT Group, the company focuses on high-quality niches such as preliminary design and evaluation, product configuration, flight operations and extended reality.


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