Jun 24

Pacelab Mission Suite to support the education of ASDL students

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Georgia Tech’s Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) will add PACE’s aircraft analysis platform Pacelab Mission Suite to its software toolkit. ASDL is a globally recognized center of systems design and analysis research and education. The primary mission of ASDL is to develop the next generation of systems engineers. One way it does this is by bridging the gap between academia and industry, aerospace representing a key sector.

ASDL researchers will use the software for comparative airframe studies and operational condition sensitivity analyses. This use of the software will help students develop a deeper understanding of the factors impacting aircraft mission performance and utility.

Pacelab Mission Suite supports a wide range of investigations from simple payload-range calculations to complex trade-offs of multiple aircraft, routes, runways, economic and/or meteorological assumptions. The ASDL focus in leveraging the capabilities of Mission Suite is to provide guidance and support to FAA-funded research projects related to airline operations, fuel efficiency, and environmental regulatory standards.

PACE is firmly committed to the education of future aerospace and aviation professionals and has been in a strategic partnership with ASDL since 2006. In addition to full eligibility to our university licensing scheme for our preliminary aircraft and systems architecture design solutions, the partnership facilitates intern placements for graduate and post-graduate students at PACE, which has resulted in an extensive range of co-authored papers and conference presentations.





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