May 19

The eXtended reality WEAVR platform empowered by Artificial Intelligence to elevate industrial innovation


  • TXT Group secures PNRR fundings as coordinator of project SOFIA – (SOFtware platform for ex-plainable and ethical Artificial Intelligence for the 4.0 worker) with total project costs of about 5 million Euros with TXT Group share amounting to almost half of the total (46%).
  • TXT Group will lead and coordinate a consortium composed of strong industrial partners benefit-ting from solution application like CNH industrial S.p.A. and SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A. as well as leading research institutions like Politecnico di Milano and specialised SMEs such as DBLUE srl.
  • TXT Group empowers its Smart Solutions portfolio and Software Engineering offering through pro-ject SOFIA, whose aim is to leverage emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and eXtended Reality to support manufacturing operations. 
  • Artificial Intelligence capabilities will be integrated into the proprietary XR Platform, Pacelab WEAVR.

Milan, 19 May 2023 – TXT Group (“TXT”) announces that it has secured funds in project SOFIA, from the “Ital-ian Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy” through the Complementary Fund of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Piano Nazionale Ripresa e Resilienza - PNRR), thanks to the considerable development in TXT’s proprietary Smart Solution, WEAVR. 

Michele Sesana, Innovation Manager at TXT, comments: “AI and XR are fundamental technologies which are impacting, currently and even more so in the future, our daily life; PNRR is a fantastic opportunity to secure funds to create our future offering and help Italian digitalization and competitiveness.”

A unique holistic XR training platform designed to manage every part of the training process, the WEAVR platform is a market leader in the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. Within the manufacturing sector, TXT leads the way towards a new Digital Manufacturing paradigm, sup-porting industrial partners throughout the whole production process life cycle, also allowing for the scala-bility of the traditional approach to the development of factory procedures, based on the digitalisation of manuals and following on-field validation and use.

Within the framework of the Innovation Agreements, which recognised project SOFIA as a strategically rel-evant R&D project, coordinating a consortium of 5 partners over a three-year period, through this funding TXT will enforce its own assets in emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eXtended Reality supporting manufacturing operations. The integration of these new assets within the proprietary XR plat-form WEAVR will contribute to the development of TXT’s Smart Solutions portfolio, boosting its current steady growth. 

Through project SOFIA, WEAVR will be enhanced with new, additional modules based on AI technologies and the optimization of the human-AI interactions. Such improvements will benefit the manufacturing sector with a set of explainable and ethical AI services centered on the modern factory worker, readjusting the focus to the human side and its collaboration with the AI. TXT’s partnership with industrial players such as CNH industrial S.p.A. and SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A., alongside a leading research institution like Politecnico di Milano and specialised SME such as DBLUE srl will generate a high technology impact on the Italian manufacturing sectors, contributing to the European Union’s objectives and strategically strength-ening its current standing.

This project is the evidence of a well-executed strategy in which we leverage the opportunity of recovery plan fundings to speed up the digital innovation process within the industrial sector.” Comments Daniele Misani, CEO of TXT. “As digital enabler, we empower customers’ products and processes through emerging technologies (AI, XR), while enhancing our Smart Solutions’ proprietary portfolio.”


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