Technology has transformed the way we do business and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics are two of the most crucial technologies that companies are integrating into business



AI can improve human-led activities, not reproduce them nor replace them, and solve technical challenges, empowering human capabilities.

AI and advanced analytics are an art form within our ecosystem, implemented in different circumstances, from Research & Development projects to our Smart Solutions portfolio, our expertise in AI & advanced analytics are crucial factor of who we are.


AI and advanced analytics elevating the future


Through our participation in European funded projects like Horizon 2020, we’re at the front line, focusing on explainable AI with the XMANAI project which will crave out a ‘human centric’, trustful approach that will be tested in real-life manufacturing cases.  

Through TREASURE research and innovation action plan, funded by the EU Commission, our AI and advanced analytics will guarantee the sustainable use of raw materials in the automotive sector by developing an AI enabled Digital Platform for Circular Economy in automotive electronics components. 



Smart Solutions

Our emerging technologies elevate our Smart Solution portfolio and our know-how in AI and advanced analytics is no different.


Our comprehensive platform aims to meet the needs of all the entities as Banking institutions, Insurance companies, Public entities, Governments and all those who are subject to the AML European and national legislation.

Our Smart Solution FARADAY™, which allows users to manage different types of data and support the calculation of risk in various areas.

FARADAY™, combines the specialized technical know-how in risk management with innovative technologies as machine learning algorithms to offer best-in-class solutions.

From briefing to touchdown and beyond, Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer gives crews fully actionable recommendations on the most cost-efficient way to complete their flights under the current conditions, carefully balancing operational considerations with passenger comfort and on-time performance.

Pacelab FPO holistically optimizes all phases of flight from climb to descent, relying on high-fidelity and real-time data to deliver information that is accurate, relevant and complete.