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The 100 TXT Days: 1st week - By Tatiana Coviello, Group Chief People Officer

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It's no surprise: during the first 100 days when you join a company you are overwhelmed with a thousand new things, in the evening you arrive home with a head full of information, acronyms, people, and ideas. You slowly put the pieces together and, if you are lucky and your brain won't fry in the meantime, by the end of the 100 days your puzzle is completed, or at least you begin to understand where you are and what you can bring to the table.

To facilitate this tiring and interesting process, I decided to tell my first hundred days through the five things I learned this week and the challenges of the upcoming one: welcome aboard TXT Group!

The five things I learned during my first week:

  1. Number one is the room at level -1 because it hit my curiosity. It is the demo room dedicated to Virtual Reality where you can immerse yourself and experience our solutions. In no time, you can find yourself in front of the cockpit of an airliner or a combat helicopter and experience the thrill of a take-off (given you know which buttons to press!!!). The VR area also contains a workbench for the construction of drones used in search and rescue scenarios such as "autonomous flying drones". So basically we go from being immersed in virtual reality to more sophisticated scenarios of the real world: rescue! Our product is called WEAVR and it will certainly be the subject of my tech insights also in the Learning field!
  2. We have a kind of vault, where instead of money we keep super secret data. The secret data room is a restricted access bunker, completely disconnected from the rest of the world and dedicated to the development of source codes or the verification / testing of classified projects. The room is popular amongst 007 who are licensed to kill or by ruthless Ninja in possession of top secret information, just like in the in best American blockbusters.
  3. We work on software equipped with artificial intelligence, and which are able - in a predictive manner - to do, for example, analyses on what is a possible turnover, taking data from the Underworld, as Baricco would say (from the book "The Game").
  4. In Berlin we have super cool offices inside an old plant, but now everyone is in Smartworking so whoever goes there says that ghosts are hanging around. Next week I'll take some pictures and show them to you, I promise.
  5. Last but not least: no one checks when you enter or leave the office. With us, trust is a really strong value, it's not based on the time we spend in the office but on the goals we achieve, the concept of digital and autonomy was a part of us way before Covid. It is the dream of every HR Director: less control and more responsibility, a benefit that is priceless. And here opens a great chapter that I believe all companies will be called to face post-COVID emergency where at the moment (I say this because things change all the time) it seems that the regulatory deadline is until October 15.

Challenges for next week:

To tell the truth there are many, but what I put in my pipeline are:

  1. Get to know the product communication team in Berlin.
  2. Tell to the management and collaborators about our new post-emergency Smartworking Regulations (brand new from this week) or better: "working anywhere" (which is a concept I like much more).
  3. Get more insight about WEAVR from our Seattle office.

And with this I hope to have intrigued you and that you will start following "The 100 TXT Days" on our website, Linkedin profile and Instagram!


Tatiana Coviello


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