To remain competitive whilst perfecting consumer safety and experience, manufacturers need to integrate electronics with different machines and optimize the entire product development process, cutting costs and improving product quality and reliability.

Industrial & Automotive

TXT provides specific domain capabilities and expertise, in accordance with the most stringent standards and leveraging on advanced software engineering methodologies, environments and tools.


Product and process complexity combined with tighter on-time and on-budget constraints make manufacturing operations a highly complex task in the automotive industry.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing is the best solution to fulfill these requirements: linking all manufacturing disciplines - like manufacturing process design, process engineering and production management - more and better products are brought to the market, faster and at lower cost. 

TXT leads the way towards the new Digital Manufacturing paradigm, supporting manufacturers through all the phases of the manufacturing process lifecycle.

Are you ready to transform your manufacturing process? We support the manufacturing and assembly process with digital manufacturing solutions that combine in-depth business knowledge, state-of-the-art software technologies and customer-proven methodologies.

Our solutions address the complex challenges encountered by ICT experts, industrial and manufacturing engineers as well as planning, production and maintenance departments.


Digital Manufacturing


The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented changes: consumer demand for more safety, comfort and entertainment means that mechanical and performance features are not enough, calling for increased vehicle ICT investments.

driving efficiency

With 30+ years of expertise in software development and validation for the automotive market, TXT offers a full spectrum of software solutions and professional consulting services covering the whole project cycle from concept and specification phases to implementation, training and maintenance.


Bold Achievements

Aerospace Sector


Aerospace Sector


Aerospace Sector


We are Visionaries
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We always look forward to surpass ourselves and achieve unmatched results. We believe in it and carry out our thought with perseverance, technique and dedication. We guide our clients to get results. We are constantly improving our relationship with them, as people and as partner. We ground our ideas and intuitions by always combining technical skills with innovation and vision, without loosing sight of sustainability.


Mission Critical Systems










In the automotive market, electronic content is growing significantly in both amount and complexity due to consumer demand for more safety and comfort: new cars are executing tens of millions of lines of software code, controlling everything from brakes to radio loudness.

Embedded software is becoming a critical factor, as well as a key differentiator for the success of a carmaker. TXT provides embedded solutions, which combine specific competences on specialised architectures and tools, field-proven methodologies and an extended expertise.

Mission-Critical Indipendent_v5

Automotive companies operate in mission & safety critical domains, thus the quality and the reliability of software are key factors to success: since software quality cannot be added afterwards, timely and careful verification and validation process is fundamental.

TXT experience covers the full software lifecycle from software inspection and software code coverage analysis & execution to software integration test (SIL) and hardware integration test (HIL) as well as fault injection procedures.





Digital Factory:

Aircraft OEM


Full digitalization of the production and final assembly of a leading aircraft line. Project included collection and storage of as-built data for operative queries. Project scale: 1000+ workers.





Digital Factory:

Helicopter OEM


Multimedia enrichment for the production cycle of a leading helicopter manufacturer. Provides the mechanical department with comprehensive digital drawings to consult during mechanical operations. Projects scale: 500+ workers.




Industrial IoT:

Tire Production


IoT solution for machine management and data collection to improve product quality and production efficiency of a leading manufacturer of premium tires. Project scale: 100+ production lines in 8 plants across the globe, 1000+ workers. Soon to be extended to finishing line.




Thanks to the distinctive skills of the group's professionals, TXT is recognised as a partner in supporting customers through the process of change generated by Information Technology through an operating model capable of integrating the distinctive skills of Management Consulting and specialist knowledge in ITC.